How Professional Cleaning Services Can Improve Your Business

Smart companies understand that a successful business encompasses more than just offering services or products. Encouraging customers through your doors and maintaining their trust and loyalty is essential, and one of the ways you can achieve that is by ensuring that you deliver a great first impression.

Your workplace environment plays a crucial role in that, as well as making the space a comfortable and hygienic place for employees to work in. Investing in professional cleaning services can have a huge impact on the success of your business – here’s why.

Reduced staff turnover

Reducing staff turnover is a huge concern for any business, since replacing lost staff members is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Not only does it impact productivity, but it also means your business loses out on those valuable skills. But one way to counteract this problem is to maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment for your employees.

No-one wants to go into work every day if they’re surrounded by clutter and unhygienic conditions, but investing in commercial cleaning services removes this problem and ensures your staff have somewhere clean and tidy to work from. Not only will it encourage existing staff to stay but it makes your business a more appealing option for potential applicants.

Minimised absences

In light of the pandemic, hygiene is critical for everyone to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria and reduce the risk of illnesses spreading. Keeping your office or work environment clean can help to minimise the risk of germs spreading and this can also help to reduce the chances of your staff getting sick and needing time off work.

Workplaces are often crowded and mean you’re interacting with multiple people every day, so adding unhygienic conditions into the mix makes it a breeding ground for germs. Keep kitchens, bathrooms and desk surfaces clean with professional cleaning, as well as regular deep cleans that will tackle areas such as carpets and upholstery that can otherwise be forgotten about. It will help employees feel safer when they come back to work after working from home and can help your business reduce staff absences.

Boosts your business’ reputation

A clean, tidy and hygienic environment makes a much better impression on anyone who visits, and this in turn can help to boost your brand and reputation. You’ll not only create a workplace that your staff are proud to come to every day, but you’ll also make a much better impression on your clients and customers.

An office, hotel or retail store that’s clean and well-maintained shows people that you take pride in what you do and the service you offer, and it can have a positive knock-on effect to your overall reputation. You don’t want to see online reviews or comments that warn others of the conditions your business operates in – professional cleaning can combat this.

Increased productivity

A cluttered, dirty workspace can actually increase stress in your staff, and it means your employees have to waste time tidying or cleaning before they can get to work. By taking this task off their daily to-do list, and your own, by hiring professionals who will carry out this job for you to a high standard, your employees can focus on what they’re there to do.

Research has shown that the environment we work in can impact our productivity and stress levels, since we unconsciously focus on it which uses cognitive resources, even if we don’t realise it at the time. Your staff will be able to do their best work if they can come into a clean, hygienic space, and they’ll be much more focused throughout the day as a result.

Choose a cleaner work environment

Running a business is challenging and finding the time to maintain your work environment can be tough. But investing in professional cleaning services can ease the stress and hassle, while also providing you with a better end result for you, your staff and your customers. You can rest assured the job will be completed properly, thoroughly and with the right tools for the task, which eases the stress on you as a business owner.

Why not get in touch with the team at Apple Clean to discuss our commercial cleaning services? We work with clients across the south, including Sussex, Kent and Surrey, helping businesses in a range of industries.

Festive Cleaning Hacks for a Cleaner Home Over Christmas

Finding the time to keep your home clean over the busy Christmas season can be tough. But with guests popping by and more gatherings and dinner parties than usual, it’s understandable that you’ll want your home looking its best.

Everything from your furniture and soft furnishings to carpets and floors need to be cleaned effectively but also efficiently so you have more time to spend with your friends and family. Here are a few of our top tips on cleaning up festive mess to keep your home looking fresh and tidy.  

Pine needles

A real Christmas tree looks beautiful and smells wonderful, but there’s also the issue of dropped pine needles all over your floor. If left, they can be troublesome for pets and make your home look untidy, not to mention the sap can leave sticky residue over your floors. If you have wooden floors, or laminate or vinyl flooring, sap can be cleaned up with a solution of warm water, a dash of washing up liquid and a soft cloth.

But if you have carpets, make sure you vacuum thoroughly to clear the area of dead pine needles. You may want to invest in a professional carpet clean to rid the area of sap to freshen up your carpets ready for guests.

Sticky tape

From present wrapping to putting up decorations, sticky tape is a regular feature of the Christmas period. But it can leave marks on your furniture and walls, which leaves your home looking messy. If you’ve discovered Sellotape on the carpet, you can use a paint scraper or a plastic knife to scrape across the tape to avoid taking the carpet fibres with it.

If it’s stuck to wood furniture or laminate floors, the best way to remove it is to use a hairdryer on the lowest heat to gently lift the tape off, then wiping the surface down afterwards to take away any glue.

Spilled wine

Wine spills are common over the Christmas break, when we’re more likely to have people over for drinks or host parties. But they need to be cleaned up in the right way to avoid stains. If you’re dealing with a white wine or prosecco spill, blot the area as much as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible. These spillages tend not to stain, but you do want to be sure you’ve taken as much moisture away as you can.

Red wine is prone to staining, so the key is to act quickly. Blot the spill as soon as possible to remove as much of the moisture as you can, using a dabbing motion to avoid spreading it further. Then use a clothing stain remover or sparkling water to lift the stain – if you don’t have either of these, salt can also be effective at preventing the stain from setting. This should work on carpets, upholstery and curtains to stop the stain from setting in, just be sure that you don’t wait too long and that you avoid heat at all costs. Christmas is all about finding a balance between keeping the home tidy and ready for guests while also taking time to relax, so dealing with common festive messes quickly will prevent a bigger issue from developing. If you want advice on cleaning your furniture or floors over the festive period, or you’d like a professional cleaning service to get your home looking its best for the new year, contact the team at Apple Clean today.

Cleaning tips to prevent pests in your home

Home cleaning is a chore that can feel like a burden, but it’s an essential part of home maintenance. Without taking the time to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your home, you could be a risk of pests, from bugs being brought in from the garden to flies making their way in through open windows and doors. Luckily, with a few cleaning hacks and routines, you can keep your home pest-free all year-round. These are some of our top cleaning tips to keep your home clean and tidy without any hassle.

Prioritise the kitchen surfaces

The kitchen is an area of the home that can quickly attract pests, from dried goods in the cupboard that can draw in pantry beetles and weevils, to fruit on the countertops to spillages that can attract fruit flies. We use the kitchen every day, so it’s no surprise that it can become messy quickly.

But the best approach to avoid messes that attract pests is to prioritise a quick 5-minute wipe down at the end of each day to minimise the clutter. Rinse off your dishes after each meal and wipe around the sink to prevent fruit flies in the drain. It’s also worth remembering to sanitise the countertops to get rid of any spillages or ingredients left over from cooking.

Deep clean the carpets

Regular vacuuming of any carpeted areas of your home is enough to get rid of surface dirt and debris, but over time, dirt can get pushed into the carpet. As a result, carpets can be breeding grounds for allergens and pests, such as dust mites and carpet beetles, so keeping them thoroughly clean is essential. It’s worth investing in a thorough carpet clean ever three to four months, in addition to vacuuming several times a week, to keep them clean and to avoid pests from thriving.

Minimise moisture build-up

Some pests are attracted to water, which makes areas of your home such as the bathroom a prime location for them. Wiping down surfaces after you’ve used them, such as the shower and sink each morning, will help to prevent bugs and mould.

But this isn’t enough to thoroughly sanitise the area, so it’s a good idea to spray down your sink, shower enclosure or the rim of your bath, and your toilet each day with disinfectant to keep them germ-free and to prevent pests from breeding. Be sure to check less obvious locations in your bathroom too, such as the pipework beneath your sink or behind the toilet, as these can be damp and can attract cockroaches and woodlice.

Vacuum your sofa

You likely sit on your sofa regularly, but did you consider that it could be a hiding spot for bugs and pests? There’s a good chance that your upholstery is a prime location for the likes of carpet beetles, as these small bugs feed on keratin, a protein found in hair and fur – so homes with pets are particularly prone to them, without even realising.

Carpet beetles can chew through the fabric of your sofa and leave small holes in the upholstery of chairs and other items of furniture, so it’s a good idea to regularly vacuum down the sides of the seats and along the backs of the sofa and armchairs where hair and dust can accumulate. Every few months, it can also be worthwhile investing in a professional sofa clean to ensure that bugs are removed, while also maintaining the look of your upholstery.

Keep rooms well ventilated

It’s not just surfaces you need to keep clean in your home but also the air you’re breathing in each and every day. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of opening up the windows in your home each morning to let fresh air circulate, but if your budget allows, investing in a HVAC unit can also be highly effective at cleaning the air, reducing allergens and dust, and minimising odours which will help to repel pests like flies.

In summary

Maintaining a clean, tidy home is an ongoing task, and no matter how clean your home is, there’s always the risk that pests will find their way in. But, by taking time to consider the areas of the home that we often forget, such as down the sides of the sofa and behind the sink, we can stay on top of the issue. The best way to prevent pests and bugs in the home is to create an unhospitable environment for them – with these tips, your home will continue to be a great environment for you and your family, without the risk of it appealing to pests.

Need further advice on how best to keep your home or business clean? Get in touch with the team at Apple Clean who will be happy to help.

Social Media Cleaning Tips You Should Avoid

social media tips to avoid

With our busy schedules and ever-increasing to-do lists, we’re always looking for ways to streamline tasks and get things done faster, especially where home maintenance is concerned. For many of us, the tips and tricks we see on social media can seem like a tempting option to speed up home cleaning – but in some cases, they can do more harm than good, and could even wind up causing damage to your furniture.

Using bleach to clean grout

Many social media users have been sharing their hacks for using bleach to clean the grout around tiling in their bathrooms and kitchens to get them looking bright white and sparkling, as these are two of the rooms in our homes which become the dirtiest quickest.

But in reality, regular bleaching can weaken and eventually crack the grout and can even discolour it over time too. It could end up costing you hundreds in replacement tiling much sooner than you might have thought.

Mixing cleaning products together

Some influencers on apps like TikTok suggest that you should mix cleaning products together to create a powerful solution to tackle built-up dirt and grime. But this is actually very dangerous and could create toxic fumes which can inflame your airways and lead to respiratory problems. In some cases, depending on the products you mix, it could cause burns to the lungs and throat, eyes and skin.

In particular, bleach and ammonia, bleach and rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide and vinegar should all be avoided together. You should always use cleaning products as the instructions explain for them to be used, to avoid damaging your body and your surfaces.

Pouring cleaner onto carpet stains

Getting a wine or coffee stain on the carpet can cause panic, leading to you douse the area in water or carpet cleaner on the afflicted area to try and remove it. But saturating the stain can damage the fibres of the carpet and can also cause excess moisture to leak through beneath the carpet and damage your flooring.

Rather than taking a more-is-more approach, it’s better to use a blotting method to lift the stain without spreading it any further or causing unnecessary damage. Lightly spritz the area with water to dilute the stain and then blot again to dry it with a clean cloth. If the stain is particularly set in, it can be beneficial to have it professionally cleaned.

Dusting furniture with dryer sheets

Technically, dryer sheets that have been through the tumble dryer already are perfectly fine to use on wooden furniture to remove dust and fingerprint marks. But a fresh dryer sheet straight from the box can be saturated with softeners which can leave greasy marks on upholstery and soft furnishings. If there are stains and grime on your upholstery, it’s a much better option to have them cleaned thoroughly by an expert as they’ll be able to use techniques and cleaning materials that won’t damage the fabric.

Final thoughts

While it may offer a quicker solution to a clean home, not all hacks are the best option when it comes to health and safety, or long-lasting results. Depending on the tips you’re following, it could damage your surfaces or furniture, so it’s always a better option to use dedicated products or have stubborn areas of your home professionally cleaned by experts who know how to achieve the best results.

For more advice on the best cleaning solutions or to book an appointment, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

How to deep clean your home

Women cleaning kitchen oven image

After spending so many months at home, it’s fair to say that many properties around the country could do with a spring clean to freshen them up. But carrying out a deep clean can feel like an overwhelming task and you may wonder where to begin. With our tips, you’ll have a cleaner, tidier home in next to no time.

Make a checklist

One of the easiest ways to approach a deep cleaning checklist is to tackle each room in turn, otherwise you might get overwhelmed or miss off tasks by mistake. It can be helpful to make a list of the areas in each room that you need to clean so you know what needs extra attention, such as cleaning the curtains or wiping down the tops of shelving and cabinets.

Keep cleaning products to a minimum

It can feel like you need to purchase a different cleaning product for every area of your home, but this isn’t the case. You probably need fewer products than you realise to keep your home fresh, clean and hygienic. In fact, sometimes, harsh chemical cleaners can actually do more harm than good, such as for upholstery or rugs. Where possible, choose a good quality all-purpose cleaner and microfibre cloths which won’t do as much damage to surfaces.

Tackle seasonal chores

Many of the cleaning chores around the home need to be done on a seasonal basis. So, it’s a good idea to incorporate them into your cleaning routine so that they’re done in preparation for the warmer months. Tasks like raking up leaves from the garden, cleaning patio furniture, washing the outside of windows and storing thicker bedding and blankets are good to tick off as the weather warms up.

Take note of neglected areas of the home

There are some areas of the home that rarely get included in the weekly housework, but when you’re doing a deep clean, it’s a good opportunity to freshen them up. Make sure you clean ceiling fans, shutters and curtains, pay attention to cleaning the kitchen bin, rinsing through your dishwasher and washing machine, and descaling the kettle.

Switch out vacuum bags

You may think that cleaning your vacuum is adding an unnecessary step to your routine but switching out the internal bag once it’s full and cleaning out any filters inside can help your vacuum operate more effectively and pick up more from your floors when you’re maintaining the carpets and rugs in your home.

Defrost your freezer

The fridge-freezer is used on a daily basis, yet it’s one of the appliances that often gets neglected when it comes to the housework. As part of your deep clean, empty out the refrigerator and freezer to give them a thorough clean, getting rid of any expired items that are lingering in the back that you’d forgotten about. You should also defrost the freezer during this time, which will help it run more efficiently and also saves on energy.

Set yourself up for easier housework

Having done the hard work of deep cleaning your property, you don’t want it to instantly revert back to a mess. So, make life easier for yourself as you’re going through each room and take the opportunity to clear out clutter that has built up. Sort out your belongings into four categories – items to throw away, to donate, to put in storage or to keep. When you’re done with the spring cleaning, you will know precisely what needs to be done with each category, so they don’t take up unnecessary space in your home.


A spring clean can take place at any time and it’s a good idea to schedule a deep clean of your home several times a year to maintain a clean and tidy property. Mould, mildew, dust and grime can build up quickly and can be difficult to remove, so tackling them regularly with a deep clean can help to maintain each room of your home. With these steps, you can ensure that the task isn’t a daunting one. If you need further advice on cleaning or stain removal, such as for rugs, carpets or sofas, contact our experienced team today.

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