Professional Cleaning FAQs

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

1 – How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Your carpet should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, so it will look good for many years. Allowing dirt and debris to build up will substantially reduce the life of your carpet. Cleaning is recommended approximately every 12 months but this is an average and may not be the right interval for you. If there are many people living in your household, you suffer from allergies, have small children or pets, every 6 months may be more appropriate.

2 – How long with my carpet take to dry after cleaning?

This depends on many factors including the length of the carpet pile and the amount of soiling, the outside weather and indoor temperature, and the amount of water used in the cleaning process. At Apple Clean, we are highly skilled at professional carpet cleaning, leaving your carpets as dry as possible when we have finished. Most carpets should be dry enough to walk on within 30 minutes of our departure, and completely dry after a couple of hours.

3 – Will my carpet shrink?

While some carpets may be prone to shrinkage, you can rely on our experienced team to be able to tell which fibres are particularly susceptible. Should your carpet be at risk from potential shrinkage, rest assured that we will take preventative measures wherever possible to make sure this doesn’t happen.

4 – Will all the stains come out?

We have Chemspec approved stain removal specialists with a wide range of cleaning agents at our disposal to remove the most common types of stain. However, despite our best endeavours, we cannot guarantee that every stain will be removed. Depending on the nature and age of the stain, the type of carpet and any previous attempts at stain removal, it is unfortunately possible that staining may be permanent.

5 – Will I have to move furniture?

It would be helpful if you could move small and delicate pieces of furniture out of the room before we arrive. Valuable pieces and electrical equipment should also be moved, or at least brought to our attention. Our cleaners are happy to work around fixed or permanent pieces of furniture, while larger everyday items (tables and chairs, sofas) can easily be moved around the room and placed on protective pads.

6 – Do I have to do anything else before you arrive?

Please clear the room as much as you possibly can, removing small items and personal positions from the floor. If there is a lot of dust, fluff or debris, it would be helpful if you could give your carpet a quick vacuum before we arrive, so that there is no risk of blocking the filters in our machines.

7 – Will my carpet get dirty more quickly once it’s been cleaned?

Not if we can help it! It is true that any sticky residue left in recently cleaned carpets can accelerate resoiling, which rather defeats the purpose of cleaning the carpet in the first place. Our experienced team is very thorough, making sure that every inch of carpet is completely rinsed as part of the cleaning process to achieve the best long-term cleaning results.

8 – What is ScotchGard and do I need it?

ScotchGard is a protective coating that is applied to carpets directly after they’ve been professionally cleaned. In our professional experience, Scotchgard is the most effective stain protection system for fabrics. Once applied, it helps your carpets to resist dirt and stains, meaning they are easier to keep clean and stay cleaner for longer. Scotchgard also stops colour fading. The product will stay in your carpet until the next professional clean, which is why we recommend a Scotchgard application every time.

Curtain Cleaning FAQs

1 – What type of curtains do you clean?

At Apple Clean, we are experienced in cleaning all types of curtains, all fabrics and virtually all sizes. We offer in-situ curtain and blind cleaning for thermally lined or interlined curtains, hotel bedroom curtains and blinds, theatre and stage curtains, large commercial curtains and much more. Give us a call on 0800 587 4571 to discuss your particular curtain cleaning needs.

2 – What is the advantage of in-situ curtain cleaning?

In-situ cleaning means that we clean your curtains on site, in their present position, without any need to take them down, take them away, bring them back and rehang them. We can clean all areas of your curtains, including any lining, pelmets, swags, tails or tiebacks. The results we achieve are excellent. There’s no inconvenience to you and no drying time for the cleaned curtains, leaving you to enjoy them for longer.

3 – Do you serve private or commercial customers?

Whether your curtains are located at a residential or commercial address, we will come to you for in-situ curtain cleaning. Many of our customers are private individuals who are looking for the best curtain cleaning service for their homes. In addition, Apple Clean has long established contracts with many businesses and carry out commercial curtain cleaning in offices, hotels, pubs and restaurants, schools and other businesses across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and beyond.

4 – How safe are your curtain cleaning products?

At Apple Clean, we aim to use the purest, greenest and safest cleaning products available. We always try to use products that contain 100% natural food grade ingredients that are safe to use around vulnerable people who may be sensitive to chemicals. You won’t find any perfume or petrochemicals but you will find our products validated by several environmental and health accreditation bodies including Envirodesic, Green Seal Certified, Woolsafe and Ecoflower. Extremly effective in their cleaning action, our products leave your curtains hygienically clean and smelling fresh.

5 – Is it worth flameproofing my curtains?

The risk of fire dangers from materials used for curtains and blinds is higher because they are hung vertically. Fire can quickly spread up the fabric and across, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Adding flame retardant materials to curtains or upholstery can reduce these potential fire threats. Curtains, carpets and upholstery have to meet flammability standards and often require an additional fire protective coating to comply with fire safety standards. Commercial premises must comply with strict regulations regarding flameproofing of upholstery and curtains. Apple Clean offers for flameproofing services for domestic and commercial premises including schools, nursing homes, theatres, village halls and office premises, which can be carried out at the same time as a curtain clean.

Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

1- What sort of upholstered items do you clean?

Our upholstery cleaning service comprises all pieces of upholstered furniture including sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, stools, benches, ottomans and much more besides. In addition to safe and effective upholstery cleaning, we also offer specialist Chemspec stain removal and can apply additional Scotchgard protection.

2 – Which types of fabric are you able to clean?

Apple Clean is experienced in cleaning a wide range of regular and specialist upholstery fabrics including cotton and linen, silk, satin, velvet, faux suede, leather, suede and buffalo. We’ve cleaned so many sofas and armchairs in our time that we’ve pretty much seen it all! Our upholstery cleaning expertise will help to main the colour and appearance of the item, slowing discoloration and ensuring maximum cleanliness. We can even clean ‘dry clean only’ fabrics in situ.

3 – How frequently should I have my upholstery cleaned?

As a general rule, we would recommend that you have your upholstered furniture cleaned annually but this does largely depend on the level of usage. If you have pets and/or young children in the home, having your upholstered furniture pieces cleaned twice a year may be more appropriate. A more frequent clean may also be required for lighter coloured items where dirt and stains may be more visible, and in offices and reception areas.

4 – How does the upholstery cleaning process work?

At Apple Clean, we offer an effective 5-step upholstery cleaning service that starts with identifying the fabric composition of your upholstered item so that the best and safest cleaning process can be utilised. After pre-treating stains and heavily soiled areas, we use low-pH cleaning products along with the latest technology to clean all surfaces, including the backs, sides and any cushions. We employ optical brighteners for colour enhancement, and deodorisers for odour control, before finishing with fast turbo drying.

5 – Can I call you for advice before I make a booking?

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service so feel free to give us a call on 0800 587 4571 to discuss your query. We’re happy to offer free advice and expertise over the phone and are able to give you an instant quote for any of our services, big or small. If you’re not sure what the problem is, you can also email us a picture and let a professional take a look.

6 – Can you provide me with references from recent customers?

No problem at all. At Apple Clean, customer satisfaction is always our top priority; we trade on our reputation. We are proud members of Checkatrade, the online directory of recommended and trusted tradesmen, where we currently enjoy an average customer rating of 98.84%. You can view some of our 2,500+ customer reviews here.

Leather Cleaning FAQs

1 – Why should I have my leather furniture cleaned professionally?

Leather is a delicate, organic material. It’s a type of skin with a natural moisture and softness that requires effective protection. Leather cleaning is a specialist job – one wrong approach could spell disaster for your favourite leather sofa or armchair. The Apple Clean team uses tried and tested hand cleaning techniques that are powerful enough to produce superior results, yet gentle enough to feed, nourish and protect your leather surfaces.

2 – What type of leather do you clean?

At Apple Clean, our leather cleaning service is suitable for all types of leather, matte or shiny, and including nubuck and suede. We use the appropriate cleaning solution and the right techniques for each type of leather. Our team can clean any type of leather furniture such as sofas and armchairs, armchairs and stools. We can also clean the leather interiors of your car.

3 – What type of detergents do you use?

We believe in safe, gentle and effective cleaning processes. Our team always use environmentally friendly products that are powerful enough to give great cleaning results, yet safe for use near pets and children.

4 – Can you remove stains from leather furniture?

Even the most hard wearing leather sofa is vulnerable to staining if you’re not careful. At Apple Clean, our expert team can safely and effectively treat problem stains including grease patches, food and drink spills, ink and dye transfer stains. For optimum results, we insist on using the best possible leather cleaning products in the industry. It’s the same ones that are used by Rolls Royce, The Dorchester Hotel and John Lewis.

5 – Is it safe to use wet wipes on my leather sofa?

Despite many people using this method of leather cleaning for their leather furniture, we would not recommend using wet wipes. These products have a drying effect on the leather, resulting in the surface becoming brittle over time. In order to properly protect your leather sofa, it will need nourishing and conditioning to restore the natural oils that may have got lost.

6 – Can you clean the leather sofas in my office?

Of course we can. Over the last 30 years, Apple Clean have developed a great reputation for both residential and commercial cleaning services for carpets, curtains and upholstery including leather furniture and stain removal. We can come to your premises before, during or after your office hours to minimise any disruption to your operations; our team is available 24/7. Apple Clean offer very competitive rates for one-off commercial cleans and regular maintenance programmes.

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