Protecting your home fabrics from sun damage

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The sun’s UV rays can cause fading, discolouration and deterioration of fabrics in your home. This damage reduces the lifespan of your furniture, curtains, rugs and other textiles in the home. While some sun damage is inevitable the longer you have items, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to minimise it and keep your fabrics looking their best.

Choose Sun-Resistant Fabrics

When selecting new fabrics for curtains, sofas, rugs or other household textiles, opt for materials specifically designed to withstand sunlight. Look for upholstery and curtains labelled as having UV resistance. These fabrics incorporate technology like special dyes, synthetic fibres and tighter weaves that make them less prone to fading and deterioration. You can also opt for lined curtains which will protect the colour of your curtains further. Choosing the right materials from the start will make them more durable against sun damage.

Use Window Coverings

One of the simplest ways to minimise direct sun exposure on your fabrics is to keep curtains or blinds closed during peak daylight hours. Close curtains fully or set adjustable blinds in a partially closed position to block some sunlight while still allowing daylight to filter into the room. It’s worth scheduling this daily habit for midday when the UV rays are most intense. Opening coverings first thing in the morning and in the evening will still allow plenty of enjoyment of the natural light.

Rotate Furniture

To prevent uneven fading and wear from upholstery which consistently faces large windows or sunlight, periodically rotate the position of sofas, chairs and other furniture. Just like rotating the tires on a car, rotating seating evens out the wear patterns over time. Arrange items so no single piece is in direct sun for extended periods throughout the year, whether it’s every couple of months or even weekly in the summer. Cushions can be flipped over every so often to even out exposure to the sun too. If your layout doesn’t accommodate moving furniture around, you can use blankets and throws to protect the worst affected items.

Condition leather furniture

Sun and leather don’t mix well – sun exposure causes significant fading and dries leather furniture out, especially pieces sitting directly next to windows. Over time, the leather’s natural oils slowly evaporate, leading to stiffening and cracking. To combat sun damage, limit direct sunlight on leather furniture as much as possible, especially during warmer months. Additionally, conditioning the leather as often as twice a year can help prevent drying and cracking. Use leather conditioners specifically formulated for this purpose, not regular cleaning products.

Add Window Films and Screens

Applying window tint films is an effective way to reduce UV ray penetration and glare on existing glass windows without having to replace them. Mesh screens can also help provide a barrier to filter harsh sunlight. Consider professional installation, as improper application of films can cause problems with windows. Films come in varying opacities to balance light blocking with aesthetics.

Vacuum Frequently

Dust build-up on upholstery and curtains attracts additional dirt and particles that can increase damage to your furniture – regular vacuuming helps to remove this debris and limits deterioration. Focus on areas that see direct sun exposure and, for deeper cleaning, upholstery attachment tools allow you to get into crevices. A deep professional cleaning once a year will also help to combat any set-in dirt and dust that can’t be drawn out with a standard vacuum.

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Preventive measures can go a long way in protecting fabrics from sun damage and keep your items looking their best for longer. By understanding sunlight risks and utilising both DIY tips and expert services, you can keep your home textiles looking their vibrant best for years to come.

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