Cleaning habits that could be making your home dirtier

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When it comes to doing the weekly chores, we often have a routine that we stick to without really thinking about whether it’s the most efficient way of doing things. But some common cleaning habits can have the opposite effect, making our homes dirtier, less hygienic and ultimately doing more harm than good. Here are some of the tasks you might want to reconsider in your cleaning routine and how to make them more effective.

Using dirty cleaning tools

Cleaning is only as effective as the supplies and equipment you use. Before you start your housework, make sure the tools you’re using are in good working order and are fit for purpose, or you’ll simply be spreading more bacteria and dust around your home. The same can be said of using the same cloth to clean all surfaces around the home.

Wash cleaning cloths and mop heads to sanitise them, and make sure that germ-riddled items like toilet brushes are disinfected after each use. You should also have dedicated cloths or sponges for each room, to minimise the spread of bacteria. Many people also neglect to empty their vacuum regularly – empty it out when it’s full and change or wash the filter, so you can be sure it’s working optimally.

Scrubbing stains rather than blotting

We’ve all had the misfortune of misjudging a glass or dropping a container onto the carpet, leaving a huge mess to be cleaned up. But while instinct might say to scrub the area to remove whatever has been spilled, doing so can spread the stain further and push it deeper into the material, making it more likely to leave a mark and damage the fibres of the fabric. For effective stain removal, it’s best to blot the area to draw the residue out gently without making the mess worse. You should also check that the product you’re using is suitable for the material and the stain for the best results.

Not ventilating rooms

Many cleaning products contain chemicals in order to work effectively, such as bleach or ammonia. But these fumes can get into the air and are damaging to your airways. Cleaning your home isn’t just about wiping down surfaces but also making sure each room is hygienic and healthy, so make sure you’re ventilating the room by opening up the windows to let fresh air in or using an air purifier to rid the space of any harmful toxins.

Disinfecting unclean surfaces

While cleaning and disinfecting may be terms used interchangeably, there are distinctions between them. Cleaning physically removes the germs from a surface while disinfecting kills the germs using chemicals. But if the surface is covered in dust and grime, disinfectant won’t be able to target the germs as effectively. It’s important to clean surfaces thoroughly before you disinfect, so that the products you use can work properly for increased hygiene.

Starting from the ground up

If you start your household chores by vacuuming, you could be wasting valuable time. This is because, as you clean other surfaces such as kitchen worktops and tables, you’re brushing dust, crumbs and other debris back onto the floor. This means you either have to clean the floors twice or your floors are left unclean without you realising. Rather than starting from the ground up, work your way down from the top areas of a room down to the floors, so you can catch all the dirt and dust more efficiently.

Skipping the deep clean

While a deep clean of your home naturally takes longer and more effort than your weekly housework, skipping over this chore could mean you’re missing out on dirt, dust and debris that’s lodged deeper into surfaces such as your carpets, curtains and kitchen appliances.

Once or twice a year, schedule a deeper clean of your home such as professional carpet cleaning, scrubbing the inside of appliances such as your oven or dishwasher that may not get cleaned as regularly, and cleaning upholstery surfaces. Not only does it protect the items and furnishings in your home to increase their lifespan, but it also freshens up the property and creates a more hygienic space for you and your family.

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