Spring Cleaning Tips That Could Save You Money

Tidy room after spring cleaning

Spring is here and for many of us, it’s an indicator that it’s time to go through our property and freshen things up after everything being locked down for the winter. While a spring clean is a traditional practice, neglecting these tasks could wind up costing you money in the long-term. To avoid expensive repairs or replacements in the future, consider adding these tips to your cleaning routine.

Shampoo high traffic areas on carpets

Vacuuming your carpets and rugs is no doubt a housework task you take on regularly, but high traffic areas like stairs, hallways and routine paths in rooms can still become worn and dirty even with vacuuming. Carpet cleaning your floors a few times a year can help to restore them to their former glory and extends their lifespan considerably, meaning you can get a few more years out of the carpets before you need to replace them. Since recarpeting your home is an expensive project, being able to maintain the appearance and quality of your carpets for longer through deep cleaning is a worthwhile investment.

Wipe down blinds and dust curtains

Blinds and curtains can collect dust or mould over time, which not only affects the appearance of your home, but it can also impact the quality of the air and increase allergens in your property. If you have people living in the property or who visit regularly, you may need to invest in air purifiers, dehumidifiers or A/C units to keep the air clean which can increase your energy costs. Make a habit of wiping slatted blinds with a mild soap detergent regularly to remove dust and spores, and vacuum curtains and fabric blinds to keep them allergen-free. 

Clean condensers on your fridge-freezer

We often neglect to clean behind bulky appliances like refrigerators and freezers, but this is a mistake because dust and debris can collect on the coils which reduces the efficiency of the appliance and has a negative impact on your utility bills. Turn off the power to your fridge or freezer and move it out enough that you can clean behind it. Vacuum the condenser coils (these will either be at the back or the bottom behind the grille, depending on the model of your appliance – check the owner’s manual if you’re unsure).

Vacuum behind sofa cushions

We sit on our sofas every day, and yet they can easily get forgotten about when we’re doing the housework. As part of your spring cleaning, make sure you remove all the cushions from your sofa and vacuum beneath them to rid the furniture of dust, hair and debris that can easily slip down the sides. This prevents odours and maintains the appearance of your furniture, but it also prevents pests which can be attracted to these areas of the home without us realising and can be an expensive problem to resolve.

Wipe down the exterior of window and door frames

The dirt and grime that builds up as a result of the elements on the frames of windows and doors can lead to premature decay and damage, and leaves these elements of your property’s exterior faded and discoloured. However, it’s easily remedied by keeping these areas of the home cleaned to remove loose dust and moisture that can cause wood to rot. By preventing the breakdown of these areas of the home, you can save yourself hundreds of pounds in repairing or replacing them, or needing them to be repainted in the future.

Spring cleaning is a ritual that can be beneficial to get into, giving you the opportunity to take stock of the state of your home, declutter rooms as needed and maintain your property to keep it looking its best. Whether it’s avoiding expensive repairs, prolonging the life of your belongings or cutting back on utility bills, these spring cleaning tips can help to save you money in the long run while also keeping your home looking great.

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