Scotchgard: How Does It Work?

Here at Apple Clean we understand that carpet, curtain or upholstery cleaning can be quite difficult without the appliance of a long-term dirt or stain prevention solution. Our specialist cleaning methods are great for transforming your home but it’s also vital for any homeowner to have the assurance that your fabrics and upholstery can cope in the future with any accidental spills or dirt marks. For this reason, Apple Clean have integrated the use of Scotchgard into our service, but how does it actually work?

Why We Use It

Scotchgard is still the most popular choice as a stain protection solution and it has been for over 50 years now. One of the reasons for this is that it has proven to be extremely effective, offering homeowners the opportunity to protect their fabrics from future stains, as well as making their carpets and upholstery much easier to maintain. Apple Clean have been using Scotchgard in our service for over 30 years with the intention of safeguarding our clients fabrics against any accidental damage and we’ve had excellent feedback as a result.

What Does it Do?

Scotchgard creates an invisible layer over the carpet, rug, curtain or upholstery that we treat and it doesn’t have any effect on the colour or texture of the fabric. However, it’s not something that should be put down without the help of a professional. Here at Apple Clean we recommend making the most of our vast experience so that we can carry out a Scotchgard service that’s both safe and effective.

The best thing about our Scotchgard service is that we provide it for both domestic and commercial properties, so we are more than happy to visit your offices and provide your carpets with a stain-prevention solution that works every time. For more information regarding our Scotchgard services here at Apple Clean, get in touch by calling 0800 5874571 or simply visit our Contact Page and fill out the provided contact form.