Cleaning Products in homes with Pets and Small Children

Are you putting your toddler at risk when you clean your house? Is your dog safe around cleaning products? When using cleaning products in any quantity around the house, you need to consider the safety of those products on your family. If you have young children or pets that could come into contact with your detergents, polishes and other cleaners, it may be a good idea to research more pet-friendly and child-friendly ways to approach to job.

Natural Cleaners

dog-190292_960_720Chemical cleaners can be aggressive, which is what’s needed when you’re dealing with tough stains, but they can also be overzealous in getting the job done. While you may be well acquainted with detergent fumes and scents, young children are not so resilient, and cats and dogs have even more sensitive noses.

If you’re worried about the harm that chemical cleaners may cause to children and pets, why not consider some natural alternatives? The old combination of baking soda and vinegar often works wonders to reduce or remove spills and ground-in stains, though there are of course many natural cleaning products available to buy.

Slip and Fall Hazards

So now you’ve given everything a good clean, have dried off, wiped down and aired out, you should be done, right? Not quite. Don’t forget that some cleaning solutions need to be left on for a while or dry naturally. In order to prevent slip and fall hazards, it is important that you wait until the area or room is completely dry before letting pets and children roam around. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

natural cleanAll-Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners are designed to deal with a wide range of stains and spills. While it’s handy to be able to use just one bottle for everything, these detergents may not always be pet-safe or child-safe.

If you absolutely have to use an all-purpose cleaner, try to avoid areas where children or pets are likely to be, and make sure to ventilate the room thoroughly, drying everything out before allowing others to use it.

Send in the Professionals

Cleaning around the home is a daily chore – we all have to do it. But what about specialist jobs that you can’t do yourself? If you’re unsure about how to tackle carpets and upholstery, ovens, drains or any other difficult areas in your home, call a professional. A qualified cleaning expert will have the experience and the tools necessary to provide first class cleaning and hygiene solutions that are effective as well as safe for all your family members, four-legged ones included. They can also provide useful advice on the best solutions for keeping your home clean and smelling fresh all year round.