Carpet cleaning

Choosing a good carpet cleaning company may be more difficult than you think. In order to make the right decision, it’s important to understand a little bit about how carpets get dirty and the best way to clean them.

We thought it might be useful to address a few common misconceptions about carpet cleaning, so you can choose the best professional carpet cleaning company for your needs.

1 – It’s good to wait as long as possible before I have my carpet cleaned.

No, we would not recommend this. In fact, you will find that a dirty carpet will wear out more quickly than a clean carpet. Dirt is abrasive – it damages your carpet every time it gets ground into the carpet fibres when you walk across the carpet.

Regular vacuuming helps to remove the dirt but this alone is not enough to prevent damage. The longer you wait between carpet cleans, the more your carpet will deteriorate prematurely and the shorter its lifespan is likely to be.

2 – The only good reason to have my carpet cleaned is to remove visible dirt.

This is not true. In addition to the dirt that you can see, there are other harmful substances that get trapped in the carpet that you cannot see. Air pollution, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pollen, fungal spores and all sorts of bacteria and chemicals are carried into your home from outside via your hair, skin, clothes and shoes. And they all deposit on your carpet.

Whether you suffer from allergies or simply wish to keep your home as hygienic as possible, professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove both visible and invisible dirt.

3 – All carpet cleaning methods are as good as each other.

There are several carpet cleaning methods on the market but they do vary in quality. Dry cleaning methods, for instance, may leave a residue since the carpet is not rinsed after cleaning.

In our experience, by far the most effective method to clean your carpets is by hot water extraction. In this method, a hot water cleaning solution is forced into your carpet under high pressure, then sucked back out. Using hot water helps to break up the dirt, bacteria and chemicals in the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning companies use either powerful portable or truck mount extraction equipment to achieve optimum results.

4 – The right carpet cleaning equipment is all that matters.

While using the best equipment is crucial, it can only ever be as good as the person using it. That’s why it is so important to use a professional carpet cleaner who has been fully trained in the use of the machinery.

For your own peace of mind, make sure you choose a carpet cleaning company that has been certified by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

5 – There’s no point in not choosing the cheapest carpet cleaning company.

Paying a competitive price for professional carpet cleaning is important, of course, but it is not the only decision making factor. In fact, the cheapest quotes may often hide a few unpleasant truths that you will only find out when it’s too late.

Are the operatives fully trained, as well as courteous and careful in carrying out their duties? Can the carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products used deliver the promised results? Are there any hidden costs or add-ons you are only told about once cleaning personnel is on site? Does the company use bait and switch tactics to get you to pay a different (higher!) price altogether?

At Apple Clean, you can be sure of a professional service and excellent carpet cleaning results every time. With more than 25 years’ experience in the business and a long list of positive customer reviews on Checkatrade, Apple Clean is your destination of choice for all your carpet cleaning needs. For a friendly chat, free advice and a no-obligation quote, contact us today on 0800 587 4571.

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Written on May 16, 2017 ·

Chocolate Easter Egg With Bow

Who doesn’t love chocolate Easter Eggs? The Easter weekend is a traditional time to give chocolate eggs but what eating them can be a messy affair. So what do you if the little ones (or the big ones, for that matter) accidentally spill some chocolate on the sofa?

The first thing to do is not to panic; the second thing to do is act fast. The longer you leave the chocolate stain, the more likely it is to be absorbed into the fabric. We’ve got some valuable tips for removing chocolate stains from upholstery to keep your furniture looking spic and span at all times. Here’s how to do it.

How to remove chocolate stains – Tip 1

Survey the damage and use a plastic spoon to carefully remove any remaining chocolate from the affected upholstery area.

Next, fill a small bowl with a pint of cold water and add 1 tbsp of washing up liquid. Take a clean cloth and moisten it with the soapy solution. Then, starting from the outer edge of the stain, slowly start cleaning the chocolate stain until it lightens. Rinse the area by wiping with a damp, clean cloth, then blot with a towel and let dry.

How to remove chocolate stains – Tip 2

With a scraping tool, carefully remove any chocolate pieces from the upholstery. Don’t scrub or rub too hard as you may drive the stain deeper into the fabric.

Next, gently wash the stained area using a hot soapy cloth until the stain lightens, then pat dry with a towel.

If the stain is still visible, cover the area with cornmeal or cornflour (or regular flour) to absorb the remaining stain residue. When all excess moisture has been absorbed, carefully brush the flour off with a towel or scraping tool.

How to remove chocolate stains – Tip 3

Employing the stain removal tips above should yield positive results, but sometimes it can seem like nothing will shift a chocolate stain. This is where Apple Clean can help. We offer a comprehensive range of upholstery cleaning services and are a Chemspec approved stain removal specialist.

If you have a challenging Easter egg stain problem that needs prompt attention, we can come out quickly to treat the stain and restore your sofa or chair to its former glory. Call us today on 0800 587 4571 for a free quote and a personal service.

Child eating chocolate

Written on April 13, 2017 ·

Hello there, I’m Jonathan Lee, owner of Apple Clean. I’ve been running Apple Clean for more than 25 years. I firmly believe that the best way to succeed in local business is to provide a service that’s both personal and professional. That’s why I still answer every new enquiry myself. It gives me the opportunity to make sure all our customers get a reliable professional service as well as excellent cleaning results.

My team uses the latest equipment and safe yet effective cleaning products that are kind to your carpets, curtains and upholstery, your family, your pets and the environment. And whether you choose to instruct us for carpet cleaning, in-situ curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning or any of our range of professional domestic and commercial cleaning services, we think you’ll find that we provide excellent value for money too.

But don’t just take my word for it. As a Check-a-Trade member, we’re proud to have received over 2.500 customer reviews and a satisfaction score of 9.89. Here is some customer feedback we received recently:

“Excellent service, so happy with the results of the clean, I booked for 6 months’ time already.” (Full house carpet cleaning, Dorking, Feb 2017)


“What a great job! Lovely lad called Matt came over, he was very polite, well informed and clearly passionate about his job. I am really impressed and we are extremely happy with the results. Thank you so much. I strongly recommend Matt and Apple Cleaning Services, even the people we spoke with on the phone at Apple Cleaning Services where polite and professional making the whole experience of enquiring to booking to completing the work, simple easy and efficient.” (2 sofas cleaned, Guildford, Feb 2017)


“Carpets cleaned to a high standard. Adam was very professional and friendly. All work completed quickly with minimal disruption.” (Office carpet cleaning, Bognor Regis, December 2016)


“He was efficient, very careful, made no mess, pleasure to have in the house. Just perfect!!” (Cleaning 2 pairs of curtains, 2 easy chairs, October 2016, Bognor Regis)

For any carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning requirements, I’d be delighted to give you my honest advice and an instant, no obligation quote. Give me a call today on 0800 587 4571 to see how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from your soon.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing: you want to throw open your windows and doors and let the sunshine in! As nature renews itself outside, you should take the opportunity to let fresh energy into your home too. So get rid of the dust and dirt build-up of the colder winter month and give your home a good old spring clean!

Set aside a few days to tackle every room in your house. Have a spring cleaning plan that fits in with the rest of your life, and a system so nothing gets missed. Here are 9 spring cleaning tips to get you into the zone.

1 – First up, make a to-do list. Armed with a notepad, check every room and write down everything that needs doing. When it comes to cleaning, work on one room at a time. It will give you a greater sense of achievement to have finished one room before you move on to the next, even if the same tasks – e.g. dusting shelves, carpet and curtain cleaning, decluttering cupboards – will be repeated in several rooms.

2 – Dust and vacuum every room thoroughly. Start at the top of the room, with ceiling covings, picture rails and tops of cupboards, then work down towards skirting boards and under furniture. Don’t forget light fittings and lampshades and the pictures on the wall, as well as upholstered furniture. Use the correct vacuum cleaner attachments to help you remove all dust.

Woman vacuuming a house

3 – Clean all curtains and blinds. If your curtains are machine washable, you can take them down and put them through the laundry. However, be warned that you are unlikely to ever get the same ‘as new’ finish again. Whether they’re washable or must be dry cleaned, you will get a much better result if you have your curtains and blinds professionally cleaned. Apple Clean offer in-situ curtain cleaning, meaning there’s no need to take them down and rehang them after cleaning.

4 – Wash your windows and sills, inside and out to get rid of the winter grime. Instead of using commercial glass cleaning products, you can save yourself some money (and help the planet) by using the traditional window cleaning method of white vinegar and crumpled up newspaper, and a bit of elbow grease to get great streak free results. When you’ve finished, open the windows wide and let some fresh spring air in.

Woman Cleaning up

5 – Wipe down walls and other surfaces. Using a sponge and some soapy household cleaner, start at the bottom and work your way up. Why? Drips and runs are easier to clean off a surface that’s already been cleaned. And don’t forget to clean tables and chairs, cupboards and shelving too.

6 – Declutter where necessary. Whether it’s a cupboard, wardrobe, storage cabinets or bookshelves, have a good look through and remove what no longer serves you. Then thoroughly clean everything you’ve decided to keep before putting it away again.

7 – Clean all bedding. Strip the bed down to the mattress and put bedlinen in the wash. Take duvets and pillows to the dry cleaners. Vacuum the mattress on both sides, and also the bed frame and underneath the bed. Unless you have a no-flip mattress or divan bed, turn the mattress and give it a light spray with a fabric freshener. Then make the bed up with freshly laundered bed clothes.

8 – Check upholstered furniture for cleanliness and staining. Sofas, armchairs and upholstered dining chairs will benefit from annual upholstery cleaning, such as offered by Apple Clean’s expert team. We have professional upholstery cleaning solutions for a wide range of specialist upholstery fabrics, including silk, velvet, leather, suede and faux suede.

Vacuuming a sofa

9 – Refresh your rugs and carpets. Start by hoovering all carpets and book a professional carpet cleaning company to give your carpeted surfaces a thorough deep clean. Vacuum your rugs from both sides, then hang them on a washing line outside and beat with a traditional carpet beater. Valuable oriental rugs should be entrusted to an expert cleaning company. Apple Clean’s professional rug cleaning service will ensure that your rugs look clean and vibrant at all times.

Written on March 20, 2017 ·

Office with red carpet

Office carpets have it tough. They’re continuously subjected to foot traffic, stains from dirty shoes, spillages, heavy office equipment and much more. Unless you take good care of your office floor, it will become worn and faded before its time.

The good news is that, no matter how busy your office is, there are some easy things you can do to keep your office carpets in great condition for many years. The trick is regular care and maintenance before it gets to the stage where repairs are needed – prevention is better than cure.

1 – Use door mats inside and outside

Protect your carpets from dirt that’s being carried in from outside. Use door mats or heavy duty rugs in front of external doors, and ask people to wipe their feet before they come in.

Picture of a welcome mat

2 – Place rugs in main traffic areas

Indoors, high traffic areas that are particularly susceptible to wear and tear should be protected with extra rugs. This includes hallways and foyers, meeting rooms and break rooms, and any other carpeted places around the office where people tend to gather.

3 – Do not drag heavy items over the carpet

Whether you’re changing the layout of office or moving around heavy equipment, it’s much better to lift rather than drag. Ask another person to help, or use a trolley if necessary. Dragging heavy items can ruin the underlay and cause unsightly stretching or even tearing of the carpet. The same goes for office chairs with wheels. Use extra rugs or plastic mats to protect the carpet where necessary.

4 – Have a ‘no food or drink’ policy

To prevent spills and stains from food and drink damaging your carpet, you may decide to ban food and drink from shop premises, and designate a safe eating area for your staff. Break rooms should have hard flooring and come equipped with tables and chairs, a fridge and perhaps a microwave. Have cleaning supplies on hand so that any carpet accidents can be cleaned up quickly.

No food and drink sign

5 – Weekly vacuum cleaning

Carry out a weekly surface clean of your carpets, using a vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper or even brooms. Move furniture out of the way and make sure all dust, dirt and debris is removed from the floor.

6 – Spot clean carpets where necessary

Where necessary, use a commercial carpet cleaning product to spot treat isolated stains that may have occurred on your office carpet.

Cleaning the carpet

7 – Periodic deep cleaning

In addition to regular surface cleaning, your carpets will need a deep clean every so often, to keep them in tip top condition. Heavy duty carpet cleaners will be able to get deep in between the carpet fibres and clean them much more thoroughly than a vacuum cleaner.

It is possible to hire carpet cleaning equipment and do the job yourself. However, given the commercial and time constraints in your office, it is likely to be much quicker, more convenient and cost effective to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you.

Apple Clean offer a completely specialist carpet cleaning service. We have over 20 years’ experience in carpet cleaning and trade on our reputation. With fully qualified and insured operatives, the latest equipment and rapid drying processes, we can offer bespoke maintenance and deep cleaning carpet services for all commercial customers.

To ensure minimal disruption to your office, we can offer 24/7 flexible working hours, as well as highly competitive rates. Contact us today for a free quote.

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