Why Woolsafe carpet cleaning products?

Woolsafe approved company
Apple Clean is a Woolsafe certified Chichester carpet cleaning company

A Chichester carpet cleaning client asked me recently: “Why do I need to use a professional carpet cleaner?” Well, one of the answers is that a professional carpet cleaning company will use Woolsafe products and if you have woollen rugs and carpets, you don’t want them cleaned with anything else.

Whether we’re talking home rug cleaning in Worthing or Brighton commercial carpet cleaning, if non-Woolsafe cleaning products are used, you are putting your rugs and carpets at risk and you’re throwing away hard-earned money. Woolsafe is a worldwide standard for quality carpet and rug care and Woolsafe cleaning products are recommended as the safest and most effective means of cleaning woollen rugs and carpets.

Unlike alternatives, Woolsafe products will not harm the natural properties of your woollen carpets and rugs: their low ph content means they treat them gently and safely. Cleaning with them is also better for the environment. Furthermore, they do not leave any residue behind after cleaning – poorer-quality cleaning products leave a substance behind that attracts dust and dirt back to your carpets and rugs, making them quickly dirty again.

In short, regardless of whether we’re talking about prized rugs and carpets in your home or expensive rugs and carpets in your place of business, Woolsafe cleaning products will help extend their lifetime and help them look better for longer.

If you want to look after your carpets and rugs properly and save yourself money, you’ll hire a Woolsafe-certified professional carpet and rug cleaning company that uses these products, including Woolsafe pre-treatment and stain treatment products, sourced from a recognised supplier such as Chemspec.

For more information on our carpet and rug cleaning services, contact the Apple Clean team on 0800 587 4571.