The Summer Cleaning Dilemmas of Commercial Properties and How to Deal With Them

There are plenty of very specific cleaning dilemmas you’re likely to come across when looking to keep your commercial property in shape over the summer, from maintaining a healthy working environment for your employees to ensuring specialist curtain cleaning and blind maintenance is on hand.

Whether you’re a regular employee assigned with the task of maintaining the office condition over the summer or a workplace manager keen to promote a healthy working and business environment for employees and visitors alike, it’s absolutely essential that you know which areas require the most attention. Use the following tips to structure your commercial summer cleaning regime effectively.

Floors & Carpets

Wood Cleaner is an excellent option for bringing a fine shine and polish to your wooden flooring installations, which require regular upkeep to ensure they maintain their colour. Carpets require equal attention but must also be deep cleaned in the summer to prevent allergens and pollen from being trapped in the fibres.

Cleaning Windows

Showers in the summer are quite common in the UK, however frequent they may be. They can be a nightmare for window cleaners as the humidity that tends to follow a thunderstorm causes stubborn marks to form on windows. Ideally a professional office cleaner is required to get those windows sparkling again but you can use high profile cleaning solutions to get the job done yourself in the short term.

Desks and Workspaces

In order to promote a healthy working environment for your employees, a clean workspace is absolutely vital. Allergens can quite easily be trapped in the fibres of everything from upholstery to mouse mats, so a throughout assessment of every workspace is important, especially those closest to doors and windows. Disinfectants will kill off any lingering germs but make sure you are using green products rather than harmful chemicals.

Waiting Rooms

Finally, it’s important to keep visitor waiting rooms and lobbies in good shape during the summer as they can gradually deteriorate as a result of overuse, dust, allergens and humid weather conditions. You will certainly make a good first impression on your customers with a sparkling entrance and seating area that’s fresh and fully equipped.

If you’re looking for something a little more specialist to deal with your summer commercial cleaning dilemmas, Apple Clean provide high quality commercial cleaning service using the very latest technology. Contact us today to find out more.