New Fabrics on Old Furniture – Cleaning and Care

There may come a time when you start looking at renovating or reinvigorating old and well-loved furniture to give it a more modern flair. You may have classical pieces that have been in the family for years, generations even, favoured pieces that you want to pass down to your kids and your grandchildren, however, they may be decked out in a slightly outdated style. Even the most popular furniture can look out of place in a contemporary setting, so you want to spruce up your old furnishings with new, more modern fabric designs.

Choosing your fabric for the refurbishment is essential as it needs to meet the requirements of your day to day life. It is no good getting a luxurious yet fragile fabric such as satin or suede for cushions for a table and chair set in a busy kitchen. If your furniture has found its home in a busy part of the house, it needs to be able to stand the test of time.

Make It Practical and Attractive

download (1)Two aspects that must be taken into consideration when choosing your new fabric is how well it has been designed to stand up to general wear and tear, and how it is cleaned. With so many furniture fabrics to choose from, some are more easily cleaned than others and this is important if you want a beautiful piece of furniture that is hard wearing.

For example, leather – while a tad expensive – is easily wiped down and can be accessorised with a throw or blanket. Microfibre sofas are also ideal for families with young children as the densely packed microfibers make vacuuming and wiping off spills easy. Upholstery fabrics are often designed to last a good number of years, but it is always a good idea to do your research on which type of fabric takes your fancy.

Take it to a Professional you have chosen your fabric in a pattern or colour you like, the next step is to take it to a professional furniture upholsterer. You might be thinking of giving it a go yourself, having looked at a couple of DIY links on Google, but if you really value this piece of furniture, you are better off taking it to an experienced professional.

They will give it the care and attention it needs and may even make helpful suggestions towards renovating your furniture piece. Broken leg on a chair? Rusted hinge on a window seat storage box? Protruding springs on a much-loved arm chair? An upholsterer will be able to solve all these problems and more.

However, it is also important to remember that renovating a piece of furniture – especially older pieces – will be done by hand and can take some time. Be patient when waiting for your order, miracles often take some time!


Clean Up Your Act

Now your much-loved furniture has been upholstered and returned home, now you want to set about keeping it looking as new for as long as possible. Here are our top maintenance tips

  • Spot Test New Products – If you have bought a new cleaning product, make sure to always test it on a small spot before applying it in any great quantity. You’ll quickly find out if the fabric doesn’t like the product without having to ruin your new piece.
  • Little and Often – Spills and stains can add up over time. If you clean your furniture regularly, wiping it down or giving it a quick hoover about once a week, you can prevent the build-up of stains. This can be a given in families with young children, but we tend to forget it as we get older and it is just as useful! Give it a quick clean.
  • Professional Cleaning Services – All furniture needs a professional clean from time to time. Every 12 to 18 months is a good rule of thumb, depending on the exact fabric used. Always get in touch with a licenced professional cleaner, as they will be able to offer first-class advice and assistance on ongoing care and maintenance.

Watermarks on Upholstery

wine stainIt can be upsetting to find a stain on your upholstery, particularly if you take good care of your furniture. But accidents will happen and not all guests are careful with other people’s possessions. If you find a new stain or watermark on your sofa, armchair or other upholstered item, there are steps you can take to quickly reduce its severity or even remove it altogether.

Apple Clean offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services designed to keep your home clean and clear. If you find a watermark or stain on your sofa or three-piece suite that you are unable to remove, give us a call. We’re an experienced and friendly team of cleaners with everything you need to get your upholstery looking as good as new again.

Here’s our advice on getting a watermark off you armchair or sofa.

Sanitise the Area Beforehand

Even the cleanest piece of furniture has wear and tear. This can mean deposits of dust and food particles, or dry skin residue. You’ll need to thoroughly sanitise the area before attempting to clean any part of it, particularly if you have young children prone to sticky fingers or pets.

Vacuum the area first to remove dust or crumbs; you can also try a lint roller over the area just to make sure you’ve completely cleared it. Check to make sure that your fabric is suitable for vacuuming, as some fabrics may be too delicate, so caution is needed.



Gently Does It

Dampen a cloth with cold water and then use it to rub at and dab away at the stained part of the upholstery. Work with care according to the fabric requirements; some fabrics are more hardwearing than others.

Make sure you’re not too vigorous with your rubbing – that goes for every type of fabric, and particularly for water marks.


Work from the Outside In

By gently rubbing at the stain in a circling motion from the outside towards the centre, you help to prevent the spread of the stain as you will be focusing your cleaning action in and around the original water mark area. Depending on the type of fabric – hard-wearing cotton, natural fibres, man-made synthetics – you may need to use a specialist cleaning agent to get the best results.

However if you are not cleaning up a ‘stain’ and instead are trying to tackle a watermark left over from clearing a previous stain, then you may not need a cleaning product at all.

Dry off the Mark

Fold a few paper towels into a stack and place on top of the stained upholstery, then put something heavy on top of it to apply pressure, or press down firmly using your hands. You will also need a hair dryer set to the ‘cool’ setting or a fan that you can aim at the stained area. The force of the air will help the towels to absorb the moisture.

If the watermark is still visible, you will need to remoisten the area and repeat the process.  It may be a repetitive process but, if done with patience and care, it is a great way to successfully tackle water marks on your upholstery.

4 Essential Steps to Cleaning Leather Upholstery

There are specific methods of care that are required when cleaning leather, which remains a popular material in many contemporary households. If you use the right products and carry out regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your sofa will remain in the best possible condition for the long term. Here are the essential steps you must follow to make your leather upholstery cleaning job as efficient as possible…


Dust the Sofa

Use a vacuum to get rid of any dust or dirt that has got trapped in the sofa and remove any larger debris, before wiping with a soft and clean cloth.

This ensures dust and dirt is not pressed into the leather, creating a difficult-to-remove stain. Vacuums can potentially scratch the leather if you aren’t careful, so be wary of this when using the plastic cleaning attachments.

Identify the Spots that Require the Most Attention

Cleaning leather appropriately comes down to a less-is-more initiative. You should only be cleaning leather where necessary, leaving the cleaner spots well alone. Concentrate on the grimy spots and wipe down relatively clean areas with a cloth. A wet cloth is not necessary here.

Look for Mildew

If you come across any mildew, build your own spraying solution of water and vinegar. Use as little liquid as possible and wipe away to keep it from soaking into the leather. Any mildew that is present should be killed off by the vinegar, which acts as a mild disinfectant.

Call in the Experts

Apple Clean know exactly how to deal with leather that has been heavily soiled or affected by stains and dirt. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to leave leather looking good as new once we’ve finished. If you think this is what your leather requires, don’t attempt to clean it yourself and get in touch with us today.

Top Tips for a Well Organised Home Office

Working from home effectively often requires a fully operational, well-organised and well-equipped work space. If you are constantly having to work at a messy or cluttered desk space, you are almost certainly not operating at your most effective.

home-office-438386_640 (1)

In order to do so, you should look to maintain a clean and well-organised work space as well as clean upholstery and furnishings. Here are some top tips for organising your home workspace.

There’s a good chance that the papers piled on your desk are becoming outdated, so you need to make sure all these papers are either thrown out or filed accordingly. Create a filing system that works for you and you’ll have no problem keeping your desk space paper-free.

There are some items that you are likely to require on a regular basis, such as pens, your laptop, notepads and planner. Other items you are likely to need less often such as a stapler, paper clips or tape should be stored away neatly.

Your home office should be free from any distractions, so make sure that you are based in a location within your home that is both quiet and free from any gadgets or toys that might invite you to step away from your work too often.

Apple Clean have plenty of experience with both domestic and commercial cleaning services, providing high quality services to clients across the South East. Contact us today to find out more.

3 Top Tips for Keeping Bedrooms Tidy

We often work tirelessly to keep our homes spotless but the importance of people cleaning up their own space is fundamental if you’re hoping to achieve a clean home every day of the week. Dusting, vacuuming, wiping and polishing are all common chores to do around the house, so what can the kids do to ensure their bedrooms are as tidy as possible?


If you’re having trouble motivating your kids to keep their bedrooms tidy, here are some essential bedroom cleaning tips you can pass on to them that will certainly make it easier to declutter any bedroom.

Target the Drawers

Drawers can quite easily become cluttered with clothes both new and old, especially if you’re constantly updating your wardrobe. It’s also one of the best methods of keeping clutter out of eyesight!

The best way to organise your drawers is to designate individual spaces in the drawer to a specific type of clothing. This means you’ll be able to see everything upon opening the drawer and know exactly where to put clean washing.

You should also be realistic about the amount of clothes that can fit in a single drawer, doing your best not to overcrowd one of the compartments. You shouldn’t have to be searching vigorously through clothes to find what you’re after.

Get Hold of Some Storage Bins

Storage bins are a really good way of keeping items off the floor. They are also great storage methods for things you need but aren’t likely to use on a regular basis. In other words, they are great for heaps of toys and books, or perhaps even some seasonal clothing.

Storage bins don’t cost a lot and they can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. An alternative would be old cardboard boxes which you could label and sort with different items.

Stop Shopping!

Shopping for new items of clothing, gadgets and other accessories will only make it harder for you to utilise the space you have available. It’s hard for some of us to know when to stop stocking up on things, so try not to buy things you know will only be taking up more space.

When it comes to buying clothes, you should do your best to throw out as many clothes as you buy to efficiently monitor the space available.  We all have clothes we don’t really wear anymore, so target these before stocking up.

If you’re looking for specialist cleaning services to get rid of any tough carpet stains, make sure you get in touch with Apple Clean today. We make the most of the latest cleaning technology to leave domestic and commercial properties spotless.

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