Salvaging Furniture That’s Fallen Victim to Flooding

Flooding has had a hugely damaging effect on properties across the UK throughout winter and many people have returned to their temporarily abandoned homes to be greeted by complete and utter devastation. Even when you are given warnings about potential flooding it can be difficult to determine the action you should take to prevent damage to your property.

Most people remain indecisive and feel that moving furniture around is simply not worth the hassle. Whilst it’s not always realistic to presume that you can protect your upholstery from the effects of flooding, you may be able to salvage it once flooding has taken its toll.

It’s very important to make sure that your property is safe to access as the damage caused by flooding can be hugely extensive.It’s also a good idea to take notes and possibly even images of the damage that you have suffered as a result of flooding that you can provide for an insurance claim. Evaluate each individual piece of furniture in your home if possible and see what can realistically be salvaged.

If you’ve got a particular piece of furniture that you are fond of due its value, this should be the first item that you evaluate. It’s also important to consider the price of restoration as anything that has suffered considerable damage might cost far more to fix. Don’t just consider the amount of time something has been resting in water as the moisture in the air can also cause damage.

It’s a good idea to separate your furniture up into sections, with salvageable furnishings moved to drier parts of the household. Try and identify furnishings that are beyond repair as you can use these when making your insurance claim. Whilst damage may not be clear cut the first time you evaluate your furniture, you should also consider the fact that mildew and bacteria thrives in damp conditions.

It would be unwise to try and rescue furnishings that present little cosmetic damage but may be housing bacteria that can potentially cause health problems. With upholstery it’s vital to make an accurate assumption of how long furnishings have been exposed to water. If something has been completely soaked it should probably be thrown away unless it is of significant value to you.

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