Kitchen Carpets: A Recipe for Disaster?

It’s not a surprise that most people see having a carpet in the kitchen as too high maintenance. Constant spillage, oil stains when cooking and all sorts of food finding its way on to the floor on a regular basis is likely to be enough to put people off having a carpet in the kitchen. So can we rule it out that easily or is there something we’re missing here? Many people are actually starting to use carpets in their kitchens for one reason or another, so what is it that’s made this particular flooring option a reality?

Carpet made from nylon is often deliberately manufactured to withstand the threat of cooking by having stain resistance already built in. Whilst this won’t stop carpets from getting stained by cooking, the stain is likely to be temporary and you are much more likely to be able to spot clean. Of course, you are going to have to apply the necessary maintenance to your kitchen carpet in the same way you would with any other carpet in the household, so make sure that you take your vacuum into the kitchen every once in a while to carry out some carpet cleaning.

Now, we may have said carpets at the star of this bog post but in fact, due to the increasing desire for warmth and comfort in a kitchen, rugs and throws are also becoming popular. They would seem the ideal choice for a kitchen because of they can be moved and easily cleaned. They aren’t too pricey either which makes them all the more enticing for anyone looking to enjoy a little bit more flexibility with their kitchen floor.
There are actually a wide range of carpets available specifically for kitchens nowadays, with stain resistant fibre carpets, large rugs and carpet tiles all being designed for use in the kitchen. What’s more, carpets and rugs can often have an excellent effect on the interior design aspects of your home. They may sit really well with some of the other features you have in your home, especially in older, more traditional kitchens. In other words, don’t be afraid to try them out!

Stain resistant carpets offer an excellent advantage to the homeowner but it’s vitally important that you don’t take the work of specialist cleaners for granted, especially if your carpet is in the kitchen. Apple Clean can extend your carpets life and provide further stain-resistant technology to really help keep it looking great in the long term. Have a look at some of Apple Cleans services and get in touch if you feel you your carpets could benefit from them.