How to decrease your chances of a house fire

We are always keen to ensure that our homes are prepared for the worst case scenarios, from flash floods to house fires. Whilst little preparation can be made for a flash flood, you can certainly take the necessary steps to ensure the risk of a house fire is limited. Around half of all house fires are a result of electrical appliances being left on for too long, whilst around 30% of house fires begin as a result of open flames. Fire requires fuel to burn and in most cases the best fuel option for a fire is your furnishing, from upholstery to curtains. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure house fires remain extremely unlikely in your home.



Always ensure that your kitchen appliances are switched off after using them. A constant flame from a gas hob can easily catch on to a gradual build up of grease, resulting in a potential fire hazard. Make sure all your appliances are clean, check the pipe work for anything out of the ordinary and check the power chord for any faults.

Flammable Liquids

It’s a good idea to keep all flammable liquids out of the house, whether that’s stored in a garage or somewhere out of reach of a flame. Flammable liquids can quite easily catch alight once a fire has started, allowing the fire to distribute itself further.


Never leave the kitchen for prolonged periods when cooking multiple products. This is vital as you might accidentally forget that appliances are still running. Burning food may seem like a simple accident but food is also capable of catching alight after a while, so be extremely careful with this. It is also important to never cook when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Flame Proofing

Apple Clean provide a flame proofing service that makes your upholstery and curtains fire-resistant. This helps to prevent the spread of a fire once a fire has started, which allows the fire services to keep it well under control. Remember that all commercial premises follow strict regulations regarding flame proofing and must meet these local authority regulations.

If you require Apple Cleans’ professional flame proofing service, contact us today and we can take you through our step-by-step fireproofing process at a time that suits your preferences.