How to Deal With Common Household Odours

We can spend the entire day moving from room to room spraying air freshener to create a more pleasant aroma but many common household smells will have a source. If you’ve noticed a particular odour in your home then you might be wondering exactly what it is that’s causing it, especially if your previous efforts to nullify the distinctive scent have failed. Here’s what you should do to get rid of the most recognisable household odours once and for all. By targeting the source of the smell and making the most of specialist cleaning services you can work towards creating a far more pleasant aroma that you and your guests will appreciate.

It might seem a bit tedious at first but in truth seeking out the odour source is one of the most effective ways of combating an unpleasant aroma. By thoroughly searching your home you can identify the source of the smell and deal with it accordingly. Cats have a habit of bringing dead animals in with them after venturing outside, so checking behind appliances and under beds or furnishings might uncover the source. Keep a close eye on the walls and ceilings in your home for must and mould. This is usually the result of a damp smell throughout your property and requires urgent attention if it is to stop spreading.

If you’re picking up something that you’d usually expect to smell at your local petrol station, you might be suffering from chemicals stored in your home. This doesn’t mean scientific experiments but common products such as paint, varnish and cleaning chemicals. It’s advisable to house these kinds of products in an outdoor storage area as they can often be the source of strong aromas. Ideally, chemical products like this should be stored in a garage or shed, whilst kitchen and bathroom cleaning products that are bottled up can be put away in a cupboard.

There are some causes of unpleasant smells that can be dealt with by addressing common habits. Smoke can be a particularly difficult aroma to deal with and it’s often down to the fact that people enjoy cigarettes in their home. In some cases, cooking and burning food can cause smoke to fill the property. The particles are capable of attaching themselves to carpets and upholstery, so in order to get rid of it you’ll need to do a thorough vacuum and surface clean.

If you’d like expert help in neutralising odours in your home through specialist cleaning then Apple Clean can help so get in touch with Jonathan and the team today to discuss your options.