Dealing with a household insect infestation

Insects can be a real nuisance throughout the entire year which leaves almost every homeowner having to deal with them at some point. You might have a kitchen infested with ants, a hallway coated in moths or possibly even a spider invasion to deal with, all of which can be both bothersome and distressing in some cases.

Apple Clean can provide you with safe insecticide treatments that won’t leave your home smelling chemically but there are a few other natural ways to get rid of these troublesome pests in the short term.


Garlic is a delicious ingredient that really improves the flavour of any dish but if you find you’ve got a clove or two going spare, they can also be used to deter ants!

Garlic has a pretty strong scent and, whilst it might be famous for keeping vampires away, it certainly does the job against insects as well. Simply place some garlic near the ants nesting place and they should head off in the opposite direction.


Pepper doesn’t work as effectively as garlic if you simply put it near an insect nest but that changes if you create this nifty form of pepper spray.

You’ll need a bottle of soap that can be sprayed and a little bit of water along with the crushed pepper. Add the pepper and water to the bottle to create a spray that’s capable of killing insects that have attached themselves to your plants.


Those that work in the kitchen are likely to know what cornmeal is and it’s a great way of killing off ants. Cornmeal has a noticeably sweet taste that most insects simply can’t resist but unfortunately it’s impossible for them to digest.

Bugs will eat the cornmeal that you scatter around their hiding place and eventually die, whilst they could also potentially take it to the rest of the colony leaving you free from ants in the future.


It’s the classic form of natural insect repellent that rapidly brings to an end your indoor insect problems, whether it’s spiders, moths, ants or cockroaches.

The strong alkaline substance is enough to both repel and potentially kill insects of all kinds, so if you need to get rid of a few insects as quickly as possible, vinegar is the kitchen substance to turn to.