Curtains or Blinds? What Should You Go For?

If you’re in the process of decorating your domestic or commercial property, you’re probably wondering what specific features would work best to significantly improve the atmosphere of a room. When it comes to windows, you might be feeling indecisive as to whether blinds or curtains would be the preferred choice.

So which of the two should you go for? It’s ultimately dependent on the rest of the room and what exactly it is you’re looking to achieve. Here’s a quick guide to choosing between blinds and curtains. Curtains have been used for centuries as a means of providing continuity throughout a vintage, antique household and the luxurious colours and materials on offer have maintained their vast popularity. Blinds are a much newer invention; praised for their functionality and for being cost-effective.

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Choose Curtains If:

–          You are looking to inspire the room and bring a new lease of life to its character and atmosphere

–          You are a keen follower of antique interior design ideas and want something ornate to go with the rest of your decorative ideas

–          You are one for colour and like to combine various different colours together in a single room

–          You are a fan of fabrics and have plenty of fabric upholstery throughout your home

–          You want to avoid something that’s too bland or capable of compromising all your interior design efforts elsewhere


Choose Blinds If:


–          You’re based in a commercial environment and require something to look organised and professional

–          You are a fan of materials such as wood and metal and like the idea of contemporary styles associated with blinds

–          You want something that’s cost-effective and capable of lasting for a significant amount of time

–          You won’t have the time to clean curtains on a regular basis

–          You want something with a high level of functionality.

–          You are a major fan of contemporary interior design and want something modern to work with the rest of the property

Whilst curtains require cleaning to help fabrics last longer, blinds also need to be dusted to prevent dirt and allergens from gradually building up on materials. For expert domestic and commercial cleaning services, get in touch with Apple Clean today!