Carpet Care: What makes a healthy carpet?

Carpets are regularly battered and bruised by their constant everyday use, so much so that it can get a bit too overwhelming for them after a while. The majority of carpeted floors, especially those in hallways, lounges or office lobbies will be forced to put up with all sorts of stains and dirt marks during the course of their lives.

Carpets are often cleaned every now and then, so much so that the carpet is left looking seemingly spotless after a while. However, constant abuse of your carpet can lead to long term damage and a number of problems you aren’t likely to notice with a quick glance. With that in mind, here are a few tips to avoid potentially long term carpet damage.

One of the most efficient ways to protect you carpet from what you bring in on your shoes is the obvious walk-off mat. It may be a reasonably straightforward tool for keeping your carpets clean, yet it does actually hold some pretty useful capabilities.

Door mats are capable of trapping both dirt and moisture once stepped on, whilst they also collect the dirt and give you an easy vacuuming job. It’s essential that you include door mats in your vacuuming schedule as they hold on to all the dirt you’ve brought in.

It’s also vitally important to keep up a regular vacuuming schedule. Whilst the odd day isn’t so much of an issue, vacuuming daily collects all sorts of lost dirt that might have found its way to the carpet from places such as your food.

Leaving the odd crisp on the floor could result in it getting crushed at a later date, subsequently sinking away from view and leaving you thinking your carpet is spotless when in fact it’s anything but. Vacuums, while being highly efficient in their purpose, won’t clean carpets entirely. The carpet cleaning services we provide here at Apple Clean specifically target hidden dirt, so get in touch if you think not everything is as it seems with your carpet.

Finally, if you plan on having a clean carpet in your home or your office, you’ll need to take some common sense initiatives. The vast majority of dirt molecules are trapped in the soles of our shoes. If you’re at home, taking your shoes off before walking on the carpet stops dirt from reaching your carpet entirely.

In addition, if you’re in the office, take simple measures such as banning chewing gum or eating food in the vicinity. Whilst you may think you can rely on your fellow housemates or employees, dirt is always capable of finding its way to the floor so addressing these issues can certainly benefit you in the long run.

Ultimately, keeping track of your carpet cleaning schedule can greatly improve your chances of having a trouble free carpet in the long term. Unfortunately, dirt is never too far away, which is why Apple Clean provide the services we do. Our extensive cleaning program does the trick, so don’t let long term dirt get the better of your carpet in the future and call us if you have any concerns surrounding carpet cleaning.