A Room-By-Room Look At The Dirtiest Areas Of The Home

Cleaning inside fridge

Bacteria can get literally everywhere – from the bristles of your toothbrush to the buttons of your TV remote.

Therefore, keeping on top of your home’s cleanliness is vital not only from a health point of view but a living point of view as well. After all, who wants to live surrounded by filth?

With this in mind, join us as we take a room-by-room look at some of the home’s most germ-infested areas.


When you think about the dirtiest area of the home, chances are that the bathroom will be at the top of your thinking list.

After all, it’s the place you go to do you ‘business’, wash dirt off you and brush your teeth, so it’s got to be pretty germ-ridden, right?

Well, while it may be true that the toilet itself can be fairly dirty, there are a number of other areas of potential harm.

Toothbrush holders, showerheads and dirty towels, for example, can all harbour bacteria that can both make you ill and create a nasty smell.

Living Room

The living room also contains a number of areas which prove to be bacterial hotbeds.

When you consider how often you or somebody else in your household touches a remote control, light switch, games controller, TV switch, cell phone or lamp, it’s hardly a surprise to see how bacteria can spread so quickly from person to person.

To combat this, make sure to wipe down each of surface as regularly as you can, and especially while we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic.

Likewise, your rugs, sofa and carpets can also harbour many bacteria as well. So, why not consider getting it professionally cleaned? Here at Apple Clean, we can leave carpets looking shiny and new, and as germ-free as possible.


Probably the dirtiest area of the home, however, is the kitchen.

Whether it be the kitchen sink, the fridge or the cutlery, germs can appear pretty much wherever you set your eyes on and, without effective cleaning, it can quickly become riddled.

What’s more, the rags and sponges you use to wash your plates up with could actually harbour even more bacteria than the plates had on them in the first place.

Therefore, renew or wash your dishcloths on a regular basis, and make sure to clean your kitchen countertops using a strong bleach.

If you would like any further cleaning tips, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team here at Apple Clean or check out our blog for more ideas.