4 Reasons Why You May Require Specialist Fabric Cleaning Services From Apple Clean

Specialist cleaning services are a great way of getting rid of any long-term stains or persistent allergens, especially if you’ve struggled to tackle the issue yourself. In addition, specialist cleaning covers a whole lot more than you might think, with cleaning solutions such as Scothgard preventing any future stains and flame proofing that keeps your curtains and upholstery safe from fire damage. There’s a good chance you require specialist cleaning services from Apple Clean if you’re experiencing one of the following issues in this blog post.

Permanently Stained Carpets/ Upholstery

The first clear sign that you might benefit from a specialist property cleaning service is if you notice any persistent stains in your home. Whether it was down to hosting an alcohol infused celebration or dropping a glass of red wine, specialist cleaning services are a great way of tackling troublesome stains. Many of our cleaning methods are state of the art and won’t usually be used in the domestic environment, so you might be pleasantly surprised by just how easily stains could be removed.

Regular Sneezing Whilst Inside

The summer is on its way, so you might be suffering from the typical symptoms of hay fever. However, if you’ve noticed that similar symptoms persist after the summer months and into autumn, there might be other forces at work. Allergens can easily get trapped in curtain fabrics and within upholstery, so a thorough clean might be necessary to bring your suffering to an end.

You Own A Pet

Pets are great to have around and there are plenty of animal lovers across the UK. Unfortunately, pets can sometimes cause people to suffer allergy symptoms, whilst they also tend to get hairs on absolutely everything! If you’ve had pets for a significant amount of time and haven’t yet considered the possibility of specialist cleaning, you can return your property to its best state once we’ve turned up and removed persistent dirt marks or animal hair.

You’re Moving Out

Some people like to go through their own detailed cleaning procedure before moving house, whilst others will seek the services of specialist cleaning companies. We recommend that people make the most of our end-of-tenancy cleaning services here at Apple Clean, and it’s not much different if you’re soon to move out of your own property. A deep clean will leave a property in the right condition for a sale and even contribute to the chances of finding a buyer.