What to look out for at the end of a tenancy

Any landlord would probably dread the day they have to inspect a property at the end of its tenancy, with all sorts of potential expenditures appearing as a result of dirty kitchen appliances, stained furnishings and damaged carpets to name but a few.

However, it’s important to let your tenants know exactly what you expect come the end of tenancy as this can save everybody plenty of hassle in the long run. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it’s vital to check these particularly notable parts of the property that often go unseen.

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Always make sure you know exactly what came with the property as this can quite easily be forgotten. Tenants may well utilise furnishings to cover up dirt and stains as well. So keep this in mind when checking over the property. Finally, be careful of property being moved out as this can potentially cause damage. Many landlords return deposits before property is removed so be careful.

Tenants: Keep furnishings in great shape the entire time. It’s not worth hiding carpet stains with furniture either as a full inspection will result in you getting found out. It’s also important to take great care when removing furniture from the tenancy.

Landlords: Keep records of original furnishings, thoroughly check for carpet stains and make sure nothing is damaged before returning the deposit. Furniture is a key part of any tenancy and should always look in top condition.

Windows and Doors

The hinges on doors often go unnoticed and it’s this part of the door that is most susceptible to damage if kicked or pushed open too often. You can easily identify any new cracks or damage to doors with a thorough check of the entire framework. Windows that open on hinges can also have the same problem, so look out for this as well.

Tenants: Don’t open doors too aggressively as this can lead to unintentional damage. Brackets are capable of coming off the wall completely if you don’t treat your doors properly.

Landlords: Inspect every part of the door for cracks and paint damage before returning the deposit. Also check that the lock mechanisms are working properly.


Always recall the number of keys you handed out to your tenants at the beginning of the tenancy. If you don’t get the same amount back then you might be forced into cutting new keys which is costly.

Tenants: Keep all the keys you were given at the start of the tenancy on you at all times. Do your best not to lose them and make sure any keys given to a fellow tenant are collected and kept together during the last week if necessary.

Landlords: Check over how many keys you gave out at the start of the tenancy. Inform you tenants of the importance of getting your keys back. You shouldn’t return the deposit until you get the keys back.