UPHOLSTERY FABRIC HOMESelecting the best upholstery fabric for sofas, armchairs and chairs can be a confusing business. Whether you’re buying from a retailer or having a bespoke piece of furniture made for you, it’s important to think about these 4 key factors before you make a decision

Appearance and style

The right upholstery fabric should complement the style of the furniture item and enhance its character. Think about the colour scheme for the room as well as other furniture or soft furnishings to coordinate with. What sort of ambiance are you trying to create – modern and casual or classic and formal? Make sure you obtain fabric samples to help you decide on the best colour, pattern and texture.

Brand name

There are famous brands, regular household names and fabric manufacturers you’ve probably never hear of. Does it matter? Not necessarily. Just because the fabric is a designer brand doesn’t make it better. If you love the fabric, by all means follow your heart. Just don’t be blinded by the brand – consider the quality of the material, its durability and value for money too

Performance and durability

Buying a new sofa or armchair is an investment into your home that should give you years of pleasure. Whichever upholstery fabric you choose, it needs to score highly on


Aside from choosing an attractive fabric that’s fit for purpose, you need to consider whether it will still be fashionable in a few years’ time. Fabric trends come and go, so it may be prudent to choose a design that will stand the test of time to avoid a costly re-upholstery exercise on account of a passing fashion trend.

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There are specific methods of care that are required when cleaning leather, which remains a popular material in many contemporary households. If you use the right products and carry out regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your sofa will remain in the best possible condition for the long term. Here are the essential steps you must follow to make your leather upholstery cleaning job as efficient as possible…


Dust the Sofa

Use a vacuum to get rid of any dust or dirt that has got trapped in the sofa and remove any larger debris, before wiping with a soft and clean cloth.

This ensures dust and dirt is not pressed into the leather, creating a difficult-to-remove stain. Vacuums can potentially scratch the leather if you aren’t careful, so be wary of this when using the plastic cleaning attachments.

Identify the Spots that Require the Most Attention

Cleaning leather appropriately comes down to a less-is-more initiative. You should only be cleaning leather where necessary, leaving the cleaner spots well alone. Concentrate on the grimy spots and wipe down relatively clean areas with a cloth. A wet cloth is not necessary here.

Look for Mildew

If you come across any mildew, build your own spraying solution of water and vinegar. Use as little liquid as possible and wipe away to keep it from soaking into the leather. Any mildew that is present should be killed off by the vinegar, which acts as a mild disinfectant.

Call in the Experts

Apple Clean know exactly how to deal with leather that has been heavily soiled or affected by stains and dirt. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to leave leather looking good as new once we’ve finished. If you think this is what your leather requires, don’t attempt to clean it yourself and get in touch with us today.

We often work tirelessly to keep our homes spotless but the importance of people cleaning up their own space is fundamental if you’re hoping to achieve a clean home every day of the week. Dusting, vacuuming, wiping and polishing are all common chores to do around the house, so what can the kids do to ensure their bedrooms are as tidy as possible?


If you’re having trouble motivating your kids to keep their bedrooms tidy, here are some essential bedroom cleaning tips you can pass on to them that will certainly make it easier to declutter any bedroom.

Target the Drawers

Drawers can quite easily become cluttered with clothes both new and old, especially if you’re constantly updating your wardrobe. It’s also one of the best methods of keeping clutter out of eyesight!

The best way to organise your drawers is to designate individual spaces in the drawer to a specific type of clothing. This means you’ll be able to see everything upon opening the drawer and know exactly where to put clean washing.

You should also be realistic about the amount of clothes that can fit in a single drawer, doing your best not to overcrowd one of the compartments. You shouldn’t have to be searching vigorously through clothes to find what you’re after.

Get Hold of Some Storage Bins

Storage bins are a really good way of keeping items off the floor. They are also great storage methods for things you need but aren’t likely to use on a regular basis. In other words, they are great for heaps of toys and books, or perhaps even some seasonal clothing.

Storage bins don’t cost a lot and they can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. An alternative would be old cardboard boxes which you could label and sort with different items.

Stop Shopping!

Shopping for new items of clothing, gadgets and other accessories will only make it harder for you to utilise the space you have available. It’s hard for some of us to know when to stop stocking up on things, so try not to buy things you know will only be taking up more space.

When it comes to buying clothes, you should do your best to throw out as many clothes as you buy to efficiently monitor the space available.  We all have clothes we don’t really wear anymore, so target these before stocking up.

If you’re looking for specialist cleaning services to get rid of any tough carpet stains, make sure you get in touch with Apple Clean today. We make the most of the latest cleaning technology to leave domestic and commercial properties spotless.

Summer is well and truly on the way and we’ve experienced some particularly warm and pleasant weather conditions over the last few weeks. Therefore, it’s now time to start focusing on all the typical summer cleaning jobs you’ll need to get done before the hottest months arrive, from upholstery cleaning to leather cleaning.


Gardens will go on a rampage, the kids will be at home and the pollen count is at its highest, so what exactly should you prioritise for your domestic cleaning schedule? Here’s what you need to get done over the next few weeks to make sure your home is fully prepared for the most demanding time of year!

Take Advantage of the Season

The truth is, you should be looking ahead to later in the year when going over your summer cleaning jobs. Cleaning and home maintenance companies are usually offering discounts over the summer, as are gutter installers, window washing firms and chimney sweepers, so take advantage and get these potentially expensive last-minute jobs done early on!

Get the First Aid Kit Ready

Summer brings along its fair share of potential health concerns, including everything from intense hay fever to kids suffering from the odd bruise or scrape. Most of these emergencies are minimal but you’ll need to make sure your first aid kit is rid of outdated medication and equipped with new adhesive bandages, plasters and hot/cold packs for any insect bites.

Clean the Patio

You’re likely to spend a lot of time outside during the summer, so it’s important to make sure your patio is clean and free from weeds and dirt. Use a combination of a screwdriver and some rags alongside all-purpose cleaner to get rid of any grime or moss building up between patio slabs.

Do a Car-Boot Sale

There’s no better way of decluttering your home than by selling on some of the stuff you no longer need. Make a checklist of all the things you don’t need by doing a quick round of your home and before you know it you’ll have transformed trash into cash!

Inspect Guttering

The gutters may have taken a real battering over the winter and with the weather improving by the week, summer is certainly the best time for you to check your gutters. Clean out any leafy debris so that those unprecedented summer thunderstorms are well prepared for.


Don’t forget to contact Apple Clean today for all your domestic cleaning requirements. Our team of professional cleaners use the latest cleaning solutions and equipment to guarantee a thorough and dependable job every time.

With Palm Sunday having just passed, we’ve now started Easter week and it’s time to prepare for what can often be a very busy time for many across the world. There are some countries that see it as a tradition to carry out plenty of spring cleaning jobs prior to Easter Weekend, which originates from an ancient Jewish tradition that focuses on cleaning in time for the Passover Feast.

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The bank holidays are not far off now and many of us will be welcoming family for dinner and plenty of chocolaty Easter treats. So if you haven’t yet found the time to get some domestic upholstery cleaning done and need to occupy your time during the Easter break, here are some of the cleaning jobs you might want to prioritise.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is somewhere you’ll be spending plenty of time before the Easter weekend, whether it’s to prepare the dinner for the family or decorate some delicious chocolate nests and Easter eggs with the kids. Start by making sure the oven is in good condition before cleaning other food storage areas including the fridge. You should also make sure all surfaces are sanitised and ready for plenty of cooking and baking.

The Garden

If we’re lucky enough to enjoy some warm sunshine over the Easter weekend, we may well promote the idea of hosting an enjoyable Easter egg hunt with kids. In this case, you’ll need to make sure the garden is in good shape with the grass mown (if it is dry enough) and plants watered.


You might find that your home turns into accommodation for friends and family over the Easter weekend, so make sure that all bedrooms are dusted and any dirty laundry is washed, including bed sheets and linen. Bathrooms should also be thoroughly cleaned, especially if they are to be used by your guests.

The Living Room

For those who like to celebrate Easter with family gatherings, expect to host a few games and perhaps an evening film over the Easter weekend. In order to prepare for this, make sure the living room is well dusted and sofas are either cleaned or reorganised to look good as new once again. Also make sure that there’s a place for everyone to sit down!

If you’re heavily occupied over the Easter period but need to make sure your home is clean in time for the weekend, call Apple Clean today and take full advantage of our in-situ curtain cleaning service as well as all our other specialist domestic cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you.