Halloween is fast approaching, which for some people means the opportunity to host their own spooky Halloween party.


Whilst we’re likely to spend much of the evening rewarding children in fancy dress with a bucket full of chocolates and sweets, the party-fanatics are probably organising their latest annual Halloween celebration.

Due to the drop in temperature around this time of year, Halloween parties tend to take place indoors.

This means you could be left with quite a mess to clean up when the party’s over and the feeling of having to tidy up is more than enough to put you off.

However, if you’ve got a plan of action for the next day, you can stop worrying about carpet cleaning and adopt a much more enthusiastic mood about the event itself.

A Halloween Cleaning Schedule

Step 1

Start by going searching every part of the property where guests had access to for bottles, glasses and plastic cups. You are more than likely to come across some spills during this search, so equip yourself with any household fabric or floor cleaner and deal with it before it can stain.

Step 2

The sink is one of the most common places for drinks, bottles and cups to be dumped during a party. Go through the contents of your sink and get rid of any plastic cups. Any glasses can be separated and assorted on the counter. If you were also using plastic utensils, search for these as well and throw them out.

Step 3

The dishwasher will likely be your best friend in this scenario, so if you have one you’ve certainly got an advantage. Fill your dishwasher to the max and start it when it’s fully loaded. If you’re restricted to washing up yourself, simply go through all the items that need washing in the newly-cleaned sink.

Step 4

Rubbish can stack up faster than you might believe during a party, while household items and other shelf ornaments can also get unintentionally moved around. Carry a plastic bag around with you and throw away and rubbish you come across. When the bags are filled up completely, take the rubbish out in preparation for collection.

Step 5

Once you’ve carried out all the above steps, you can start focusing on a much deeper clean. Use a vacuum to get rid of any dust build-up, whether it’s the carpets, curtains or furnishings. Finish your cleaning schedule by tidying up the kitchen of all the glasses and utensils you sorted out previously.

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Cleaning schedules are a great way to get you motivated to clean the household regularly, whether it’s due to living with young children, coping with the aftermath of a house party or simply maintaining the neat layout of a home. Cleaning schedules can be weekly, monthly or even daily depending on the time you have available, whilst it can also involve one significant cleaning task such as specialist upholstery cleaning or a multitude of cleaning tasks laid out on a spreadsheet. The great thing about it is that you’ve got the freedom to choose a scheduling system that suits you.


Cleaning schedules aren’t anywhere near as daunting as you might expect, with just a few steps required for you to follow in order to achieve the perfect scheduling system. Schedules shouldn’t force you to work harder or contribute to any growing pressure – instead they should make you feel like you relieving the stresses of household cleaning jobs. The idea of having a schedule to relate to can give you the platform to maintain a structured, healthy cleaning routine for years to come. Here are the three steps you can follow to achieve this incredibly helpful cleaning schedule.

Step 1: What’s the Best Plan for You?

Consider how your life is currently structured. Are you away from home regularly? Do you work shift patterns or is there a set time that you return home every evening? Are you self-employed and working from home or perhaps retired? All of these possible lifestyles can help you choose a plan that suits your needs. Also think about how much leaning work you’d be happy to get done each day. Don’t give yourself too much to do because let’s face it, we’d rather be doing other things besides cleaning on a regular basis.

Step 2: Draw up the Task list

Now that you’ve sorted out times and dates, you need to separate up the different jobs you’ll be undertaking during the week and  create a task list that includes all the specific household appliances, furnishings and fabrics, from carpet cleaning to dusting bedroom mantelpieces. Drawing up a task list can be quite satisfying once you’re done but if you’d prefer to search for a completed task list elsewhere, there are plenty of examples available online.

Step 3: Complete Your Schedule

You can now combine your time schedule with the household jobs that need doing to form a completed schedule. Again, there are some handy templates available online for you to print off and stick on the fridge once they’re filled in. The best format for a completed schedule is to have specific columns for each day, week or month with the jobs that need doing on that particular date. Don’t be afraid to make the most of technology as well, with smartphones and other handheld devices capable of organising a schedule for you.

It’s been 14 years since Dyson unveiled plans to start work on a robotic vacuum cleaner and yesterday the news broke that Dyson’s first step into the next generation, the Dyson 360 Eye, would be presented in Japan. The British engineering company are joining an already thriving market of robotic vacuum cleaners, so what exactly are they doing to promote their own version?


They certainly didn’t hold back, stating that their robotic vacuum cleaner possessed “more powerful suction” and a “unique” camera setting that made locating dirt all the more easier for the robot. Of course, not many robotic vacuum cleaners have come close to having a considerable effect on the mainstream market, but it seems that Dyson’s ability to live up to its word could change that.

Not too long ago, we posted an entry here on our blog that covered the emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners, with our main point of focus being whether or not you should adopt one into your home. The truth is, with the inclusion of Dyson into the market, robotic vacuum cleaners could finally turn into the stalwart of the cleaning cabinet. So why haven’t they done so already?

The majority of robotic vacuum cleaners up until this point have had more of an effect on the electronics market, which is not necessarily what Dyson are looking to achieve here. It’s clear that with the amount of functional and attractive features the Dyson 360 Eye possesses, they have looked to turn heads in the cleaning industry as well as have a significant impact on the electronics industry.

The machine will be available in Japan in early 2015 and elsewhere later on in the year. The price of the new model has yet to be announced.

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Allergies are commonplace throughout the spring season, whether you’re suffering from constant hay fever symptoms or repeatedly sneezing as a result of dust mites or dust particles during your upholstery spring clean.


It can become a real nuisance for some people who are particularly vulnerable, especially if you’re carrying out regular garden work or spend a lot of time outdoors. What’s more, it can put some people off deep cleaning furniture, curtains, carpets and other household furnishings that require dusting every once in a while.

Whilst you might think it’s something you’re just going to have to deal with, there are plenty of things you can to combat the irritation of a spring allergy. Here are some helpful steps to take to ensure that you don’t get badly affected by allergy symptoms this time around.

Gardening is something that we all enjoy doing, especially when the sun comes out and the warm weather starts to take over. However, it can be a serious problem if your enjoyment is halted by the threat of an allergic reaction to grass or tree pollen. For example, mowing the lawn is likely to throw grass into the air, resulting in easy exposure to allergens. If you’re finding that the general environment is causing your hay fever, you can take action to help combat the threat it poses.

Try wearing a protective mask when carrying out certain garden tasks, whether you’re planting seeds, raking leaves or mowing the lawn. In addition, if you’re aware of an allergy to dust mites and you’ve got the day scheduled for dusting and cleaning, you can take some allergy relief medication prior to the work to help soothe your symptoms.

Remember to always consult your doctor before taking medication of any kind. If you’re not satisfied with the medication you have, you can always visit an allergist who can prescribe you with other forms of medication to treat specific symptoms, from sneezing to itchy eyes, redness and swelling.

It can also be extremely beneficial to start taking medication early. This is because pollen and other outdoor allergens tend to begin circulating at the very early stages of spring, including February and through to early March. If you notice that the weather is surprisingly warm around this time of year, you should consider starting your medication early to control your symptoms.

Remember that this should also be considered if you’ve got an allergy to dust mites, dust particles or even animals, as the allergens they leave behind can pose more of a threat in warmer climates.

Cleaning up after a party can be quite a tedious experience, especially if you’re feeling run down from the celebrations of the previous night. It can also be quite discouraging seeing the state many of our living spaces turn in to after a party when we’ve spent ages getting it ready for the main event beforehand.


Cleaning up after a party isn’t quite the same as carrying out an annual spring clean or regularly looking after your upholstery, as there are all kinds of things you might have to deal with once the party is over.

Follow our guide to renewing your living space after a party and you might not be too worried about hosting further parties and enjoying yourself again in the future.

The key to a clean, organised and successful party experience is to try and prepare before the party has actually begun or at least got into full swing.

Start by putting out coasters for drinks so that you don’t have countless can or glass stains on your furnishings by the end of the night and at least one bin in every room so that rubbish ends up in the bin and not on the floor.

To protect your furniture consider Scotchgard application to upholstery which can make cleaning up after spills a simple wipe away process.

Also make sure that you designate an area where food is made available as this restricts food crumbs to one particular area and not the entire household. Leaving polite messages on the doors of rooms you don’t want people to access will help keep the celebration under control.

Try and create as much free space as possible in certain rooms that are easy to clean, such as the kitchen. You’ll probably have to deal with empty cans, paper plates and other debris by the end of the night, so providing room in the kitchen for storing used items makes your clean up all the more easier.

If someone accidentally spills their drink and stains the carpet or upholstery, provide your guests with easy access to paper towels so they can clean it up or at least make you aware of it as soon as it happens.

Once the party is over, the best time to start cleaning is as soon as possible. If people have stayed overnight or are returning the next day, try and get an extra pair of hands to help you out. Start by equipping yourself with black plastic bags and go around each affected room clockwise.

Begin the clockwise routine again with cleaning products to target stains, before a third and final clockwise routine to target items that belong in other places around the house.

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