There are specific methods of care that are required when cleaning leather, which remains a popular material in many contemporary households. If you use the right products and carry out regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your sofa will remain in the best possible condition for the long term. Here are the essential steps you must follow to make your leather upholstery cleaning job as efficient as possible…


Dust the Sofa

Use a vacuum to get rid of any dust or dirt that has got trapped in the sofa and remove any larger debris, before wiping with a soft and clean cloth.

This ensures dust and dirt is not pressed into the leather, creating a difficult-to-remove stain. Vacuums can potentially scratch the leather if you aren’t careful, so be wary of this when using the plastic cleaning attachments.

Identify the Spots that Require the Most Attention

Cleaning leather appropriately comes down to a less-is-more initiative. You should only be cleaning leather where necessary, leaving the cleaner spots well alone. Concentrate on the grimy spots and wipe down relatively clean areas with a cloth. A wet cloth is not necessary here.

Look for Mildew

If you come across any mildew, build your own spraying solution of water and vinegar. Use as little liquid as possible and wipe away to keep it from soaking into the leather. Any mildew that is present should be killed off by the vinegar, which acts as a mild disinfectant.

Call in the Experts

Apple Clean know exactly how to deal with leather that has been heavily soiled or affected by stains and dirt. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to leave leather looking good as new once we’ve finished. If you think this is what your leather requires, don’t attempt to clean it yourself and get in touch with us today.

We’re all 100% committed to ensuring our homes remain clean and healthy on a regular basis. There’s simply no debating the fact that clean houses are far more comfortable and relaxing to live in, run more efficiently, smell better and are prepared for any emergency that may crop up in the future.


Therefore, there’s no reason why people who care a lot about their cars shouldn’t apply a similarly detailed cleaning service for their vehicles.

For people who spend a lot of time in their car, it goes without saying that you want to be in an environment that is comfortable and safe to be in.

You want to have a sparkling windshield to see through, some freshly vacuumed upholstery and a generally attractive looking interior all the time and it doesn’t take much to achieve this. Car interiors are very easy to maintain, so here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning up your cherished vehicle.

Step 1

Start by removing larger items and objects from the backseats and floors of your car that have been stashed or left behind, causing unnecessary clutter. The back seat pockets tend to hide all kinds of objects like this, so make sure you turn your car upside down when searching.

Step 2

Once all the larger objects have been removed, get hold of a heavy-duty brush and start clawing out the food crumbs and dirt from the seats, carpeted floors and floor mats. Remember to life the floor mats up first and put these outside of the car. Follow this up with a thorough vacuuming of the entire space.

Step 3

Lots of unpleasant car odours are actually the result of air filters being clogged up by stagnant food particles and dirt. Locate the air filter in your car and use a can of compressed air to blast away anything that could potentially cause musty odours.

Step 4

With the car all nicely cleaned up, put a new air freshener in and leave it overnight. From this point on, make a note to all passengers that you want any litter to be taken out of the car and thrown away. You can have a rubbish bin of some kind in the car for passengers to use if you own a family car.

Step 5

Cars don’t stay clean forever and the same goes with any household, which requires specialist curtain cleaning services every once in a while. Be sure to stick to a cleaning schedule, perhaps a deep clean once a month, so that you don’t fall back to square one.


It should be one of the first things you look to deal with when you arrive at a new office or start a new business. It can help to take onboard some of the reasons why specialist commercial cleaning services are so important, so we’ve put together a list of reasons why to encourage you to make this a top priority in the future.The_Park_Northpoint_-_Open_Plan_Office_Space (1)

Illness and Absence

Keeping the office as clean and tidy as possible will help to prevent bacteria and other potential threats to health from transferring between employees, thus improving the general absence record throughout the office.

This is ultimately much more beneficial for your business as you are less likely to put up with a loss in profits, seek out replacements or reorganise the structure of your office.

Avoiding Compensation Issues

Having an untidy office with any potential hazards or obstructions can lead to your employees injuring themselves.

Depending on the office environment in question, it’s quite possible for someone to suffer severe injury as a result of poor health and safety or cleaning schedules and they have every right to make a claim. The chances are you wouldn’t be able to afford paying out compensation.

Getting Specialists Onboard

If you leave the majority of your cleaning responsibilities with your employees, they may not be able to be as productive in their job. In order to prevent this, you should make use of specialist commercial cleaners with plenty of experience providing various cleaning services using specialist techniques.

This will almost guarantee a safe and secure environment for you employees to work in and stops them from having to worry about cleaning up at the end of the week.

Making a Good Impression

If you regularly invite clients into your offices, you should be making sure your environment is spotless all the time to make the best possible impression.

Clients who witness poor working conditions, unclean facilities and a plethora of hazards are much more likely to be put off working with you.

For specialist commercial curtain cleaning services in the South East, contact Apple Clean today and speak to a friendly member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

While we’ve been blessed with a reasonably mild introduction to autumn, there’s no doubting the fact that we’re likely to experience some pretty changeable weather over the coming weeks. The leaves have started to fall and the nights are getting colder, so it’s probably time to carry out one of the most important cleaning schedules of the year.

“Extreme Weather Can Bring Cleaning Schedules to a Standstill”


It’s essential that you’re preparing in the right way for what the British weather has to throw at us. We’ve seen some of the most extreme weather in decades over the last two years, with high wind speeds, problematic snow fall and flooding all becoming a regular experience during both the latest and earliest parts of the year.

It’s this type of weather that brings everything to a standstill, including house maintenance and cleaning jobs. So to make sure you’ve got everything done prior to the days getting shorter and the weather taking a turn for the worse, here’s a cleaning schedule to follow over the next couple of weeks:

Clean Windows

The summer can cause windows to get particularly dirty, so apply some cleaning solution along with a polish that will help to maintain a sparkly finish during the winter.

Clear/Clean Your Garden

If you’ve left toys, chairs, tables and other garden items out during the summer, now’s the time to store them away.

Check Storage Priorities

By this we mean analysing what it is that’s taking up storage. You won’t need ice pops in the freezer anymore for example. Take this time out to free up some room in preparation for storing warm duvets and thick woollen jumpers.

Clean Beds

Beds often require a specialist deep cleaning service every few years and there’s no better time to get started than just before the start of winter. Add layers and warmer bedding to suit the declining temperatures.

If you’re keen to get hold of some specialist cleaning tips or seek out the services of some of the best domestic and commercial cleaners in the South East, contact Apple Clean today.

If you’re in the process of decorating your domestic or commercial property, you’re probably wondering what specific features would work best to significantly improve the atmosphere of a room. When it comes to windows, you might be feeling indecisive as to whether blinds or curtains would be the preferred choice.

So which of the two should you go for? It’s ultimately dependent on the rest of the room and what exactly it is you’re looking to achieve. Here’s a quick guide to choosing between blinds and curtains. Curtains have been used for centuries as a means of providing continuity throughout a vintage, antique household and the luxurious colours and materials on offer have maintained their vast popularity. Blinds are a much newer invention; praised for their functionality and for being cost-effective.

If you have curtains that could do with a deep cleaning service, take a look at our in-situ curtain cleaning services and see how we could transform the state of your curtains quickly and efficiently.

images (7)

Choose Curtains If:

–          You are looking to inspire the room and bring a new lease of life to its character and atmosphere

–          You are a keen follower of antique interior design ideas and want something ornate to go with the rest of your decorative ideas

–          You are one for colour and like to combine various different colours together in a single room

–          You are a fan of fabrics and have plenty of fabric upholstery throughout your home

–          You want to avoid something that’s too bland or capable of compromising all your interior design efforts elsewhere


Choose Blinds If:


–          You’re based in a commercial environment and require something to look organised and professional

–          You are a fan of materials such as wood and metal and like the idea of contemporary styles associated with blinds

–          You want something that’s cost-effective and capable of lasting for a significant amount of time

–          You won’t have the time to clean curtains on a regular basis

–          You want something with a high level of functionality.

–          You are a major fan of contemporary interior design and want something modern to work with the rest of the property

Whilst curtains require cleaning to help fabrics last longer, blinds also need to be dusted to prevent dirt and allergens from gradually building up on materials. For expert domestic and commercial cleaning services, get in touch with Apple Clean today!