Results from an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) home study this week have indicated that many homes in the UK contain poor air quality, subsequently putting the health of homeowners at risk.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air were analysed and, out of the 122 homes that were tested, 91% had above the recommended amount.

The key factors of poor air quality in homes are mould, condensation and damp.

It is well known that many homeowners suffer from allergic reactions to mould, which is far more prevalent in the winter than in any other season.

There are a number of other sources of harmful allergens throughout the home including fireplaces, air fresheners, furniture, cleaning products, paint and candles.

If you are regularly using any of these at home, you might want to follow our five helpful tips that contribute to a much healthier home:

–          Carry out a quick assessment of all the parts of your home that you rely on for ventilation as this is where your clean air will come from. If you haven’t got enough of them, it might be a good idea to introduce them throughout the household, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where mould is most likely to develop during the winter.

–          Changing your flooring to wood can be quite challenging but it certainly helps if you’re looking to get rid of the dust, dirt, allergens, dander and bacteria that are often harboured by carpets and rugs.

–          Try and introduce a “shoes off” rule in your home as shoes can often carry pollen, dirt and other allergens into the household from outdoors.

–          If you’re regularly using chemical products for upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and other necessary cleaning tasks, switch to eco friendly cleaning products from now on as chemicals can cause respiratory problems in the long term.

–          Washing your clothes indoors might be necessary at times but it’s capable of elevating the VOC levels of your home, so try your best to dry all your clothes outside instead.

We offer a deep cleaning service here at Apple Clean that’s more than capable of ridding your property of any lingering dust, dirt and allergens.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to leave any domestic or commercial environment in the best possible condition, so get in touch with us today to organise a specialist carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning service in Kent or anywhere in the South East.

Today we’re continuing on with our summer cleaning checklist for you to follow. It’s always a good idea to follow a detailed checklist during whilst carrying out a thorough household cleaning schedule. The three we’ve gone for today are less to do with the season itself but more focused on getting those jobs done that are often ignored. It’s quite easy to forget about some of the simpler household cleaning tasks when you’re caught up in the furore of the summer holidays.


Scrubbing Windows

Windows play a huge role during the summer, especially if you own a conservatory. Windows provide us with the stunning natural light that we love to bask in during the warmer weather. It also creates a pleasant homely atmosphere throughout your home. However, windows need to be cleaned as much as any other household furnishing or appliance, as any dirt marks or stains can really show up when the sun is shining on them. Make sure you clean the windows on both the inside and outside using your preferred window cleaning solution. Try and wipe horizontally on one side and vertically on the other so that you can clearly see which side needs a few final touches. It’s also vital to wipe away any dust particles and cobwebs before applying the solution.

Cleaning the Garage

If you have a garage then this is one that will apply to you. Garages provide plenty of space for all kinds of things, from carrying out DIY work, storing vehicles and carrying out important maintenance work to music practice, home gyms and much more. It’s always a good idea to keep your garage in top shape for whatever project comes next and with the weather at its best throughout the summer, there’s no better time to organise shelves, sweep away dust and throw out any loose item.

Cleaning Sliding Doors

Many people have sliding doors in their property which require extra attention due to their regular use throughout the summer. If you have other forms of patio doors that are also regularly used, this tip will apply to you as well. The sliding mechanism on any sliding patio door can cause dirt from outdoors to get caught in the grooves, which can make it difficult to open them smoothly. You can use a stick or screwdriver wrapped in cloth to scrub away at any hardened dirt or you can apply some cleaning solutions in the grooves to loosen mud.

There are your three tips for this week. Stay tuned as we’ll be back in a week to make sure you’re up to date with our list of important summer cleaning tips! In the meantime, get in touch with us today for more information on our specialist cleaning services here at Apple Clean.

Robotics are slowly starting to edge their way into the plans of various industries, including the cleaning industry. Along with some of the high-tech cleaning equipment that we use here at Apple Clean, there have been developments in the typical domestic cleaning options that homeowners can make the most of, one of which is the robot vacuum cleaner.


Vacuuming is one of those things that simply adds to a long list of everyday cleaning chores, or at least that’s how a lot of people see it. Truthfully, we’d all like to abandon the prospect of vacuuming entirely and still know that the carpets in our homes or offices are in the excellent condition.

So maybe this is why there’s been such a major case made for these robotic vacuum cleaners, which are now commercially available and come in a variety of different models. Here are the pros and cons of a robotic vacuum cleaner sho0uld you be considering making it a new member of your cleaning arsenal.


Reasonably Cheap

Robotic vacuum cleaners are actually quite cheap for a rather new form of cleaning technology. Most high-end models will compete with the most expensive of course but don’t be surprised to see prices that are below that of a standard vacuum cleaner.

No Hassle

Another benefit of having a robotic vacuum cleaner is the simplicity that they provide you with. You just have to set it up after purchase and once that’s done, you can leave it to get on with the work. Ultimately, you’ll save time as the robot gets on with job by itself and your home will probably be cleaner as a result as it sticks to a consistent and regular cleaning programme.

Small and Agile

If there were places you struggled to reach when vacuuming before, you certainly won’t have to worry about that with a robotic vacuum. Their design means that they can move under furniture, access corners and run along walls with ease, so you won’t need to do any lifting or moving of furniture.



Whilst you’re saved time cleaning, the actual time it takes to get the job done can be much longer with a robotic vacuum due to their smaller size. You could also say that your time is wasted in a way, as you might find yourself having to empty the robotic vacuum every now and then, especially if you’re cleaning a large room.


This can be an issue as the vacuum may have to recharge in order to have enough power to clean an entire room. Most robotic cleaners have around 2 hours of battery life per clean, which isn’t that much especially as a standard cleaning job can take some time.

Can’t Fully Replace Standard Vacuuming

You’re always going to have to rely on your old vacuum to clean stairs and places where your robotic vacuum simply can’t reach. In addition, it can’t guarantee a highly-effective, thorough cleaning job, so our services at Apple Clean will always provide the extra efficiency that you need to maintain a clean and healthy living space.


When you’re looking to get your house on the market, it’s important to try and get your entire property looking as good as it can for any potential viewers. This includes a thorough deep cleaning procedure, although there are plenty of other things you should also consider when preparing your home for potential buyers. Remember that people might be interested in inspecting every corner of your home, including storage space and room size. Here’s a useful checklist to help your prepare your home in the right way and make a future sale all the more probable!

for sale


We all look to get rid of unnecessary clutter when carrying out a thorough household clean, although there might be same aspects of clutter that you don’t notice after a certain amount of time. Remember that you’re looking to make the most of your room space so that people can picture their own interior design features with ease. Temporary storage boxes are great for de-cluttering as you can instantly store them away neatly somewhere, such as in the loft or in the corner of a storage unit.


We’ve all got our preferences when it comes to interior design but sometimes having a dominant style can make it hard for people to picture their own design preferences when visiting your home. Buyers with a certain preference might also be put off by your own use of property space, but don’t take it personally. Simply look to depersonalise a bit so that there’s enough room for imagination. On the other hand, it’s essential that you take full advantage of your properties biggest selling points, whether it’s a beautiful fireplace or a stunning garden.

Deep Clean

A standard cleaning procedure isn’t enough. You should make a huge checklist of things that comply with a deep cleaning process, from tackling cobwebs to vacuuming upholstery and dealing with odours. Odours can be particularly off-putting, so try and combat the issue with air-fresheners a couple of weeks prior to the first visit. When vacuuming or dusting, make sure you’ve got every corner of your home covered, as problematic dirt marks and dust build up such as cobwebs can often go unseen.

Finish DIY Jobs You’ve Started

If you were fixing a floorboard or fixing a bath faucet and couldn’t find the time to get the job done, now’s the time to sort it all out. Viewers might be put off by the idea of moving somewhere that has jobs still to be done, as they will instantly realise that they’ll have work to do when they move in. Keeping everything in order and making sure any unfinished jobs are completed makes the property look fresh and ready for a new owner.

Of all the places in your home that seem to receive the least amount of cleaning attention, the stairs are probably the most important of all. The problem with carpeted stairs is that they attract dust and dirt as well as any other carpeted room in the house. Whilst they might seem harmlessly separate from the rest of the home, stairs are used far more regularly than you might think. As long as you’ve got people consistently trudging up the stairs, you’ll need to treat them with the same affection as any other part of your home.

So you’re in agreement that your carpeted stairs might need more of a clean every now and then, but you’ve realised that it isn’t the easiest job to get done. Carrying your vacuum up and down flights of stairs can be a nightmare, so here are a few tips to consider should you need to vacuum your stairs in the near future.


The stairs can quite easily be littered with all sorts of things, some of which are a lot larger than your average scraps. For example, some people use the stairs to put things on should they need to be taken upstairs. Anything like this can get in the way of your vacuuming work and potentially clog up the vacuum, so make sure there are no large debris still present on the stairs before you start the job.

It’s important to start from the bottom of the stairs and work your way upwards for safety reasons should you need to move your vacuum around at all to reach certain areas. If you’re struggling to reach certain stairs as you move up, try and make the most of some plug sockets on the landing if possible. Once you’re happy with that, start vacuuming the edges and corners first. The smaller nozzle is best for the harder to reach areas of the stairs.

Once you’ve done all the edges and corners, attach the larger nozzle and begin vacuuming the entire stairs. Try and use a nozzle that suits the size and shape of your stairs as this can make the job much easier. Change the angle of your approach of necessary, moving in an up and down motion to ensure you get all the dust and potential allergens up and out of the fabric.

It’s as easy as that. If you are concerned about lugging a heavy vacuum around your staircase, see if you can invest in a vacuum that reaches further. Alternatively, if you feel a deeper clean is necessary for tough stains or troublesome allergens, contact Apple Clean and make the most of our unrivalled cleaning services.