Results from an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) home study this week have indicated that many homes in the UK contain poor air quality, subsequently putting the health of homeowners at risk.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air were analysed and, out of the 122 homes that were tested, 91% had above the recommended amount.

The key factors of poor air quality in homes are mould, condensation and damp.

It is well known that many homeowners suffer from allergic reactions to mould, which is far more prevalent in the winter than in any other season.

There are a number of other sources of harmful allergens throughout the home including fireplaces, air fresheners, furniture, cleaning products, paint and candles.

If you are regularly using any of these at home, you might want to follow our five helpful tips that contribute to a much healthier home:

–          Carry out a quick assessment of all the parts of your home that you rely on for ventilation as this is where your clean air will come from. If you haven’t got enough of them, it might be a good idea to introduce them throughout the household, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where mould is most likely to develop during the winter.

–          Changing your flooring to wood can be quite challenging but it certainly helps if you’re looking to get rid of the dust, dirt, allergens, dander and bacteria that are often harboured by carpets and rugs.

–          Try and introduce a “shoes off” rule in your home as shoes can often carry pollen, dirt and other allergens into the household from outdoors.

–          If you’re regularly using chemical products for upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and other necessary cleaning tasks, switch to eco friendly cleaning products from now on as chemicals can cause respiratory problems in the long term.

–          Washing your clothes indoors might be necessary at times but it’s capable of elevating the VOC levels of your home, so try your best to dry all your clothes outside instead.

We offer a deep cleaning service here at Apple Clean that’s more than capable of ridding your property of any lingering dust, dirt and allergens.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to leave any domestic or commercial environment in the best possible condition, so get in touch with us today to organise a specialist carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning service in Kent or anywhere in the South East.

It should be one of the first things you look to deal with when you arrive at a new office or start a new business. It can help to take onboard some of the reasons why specialist commercial cleaning services are so important, so we’ve put together a list of reasons why to encourage you to make this a top priority in the future.The_Park_Northpoint_-_Open_Plan_Office_Space (1)

Illness and Absence

Keeping the office as clean and tidy as possible will help to prevent bacteria and other potential threats to health from transferring between employees, thus improving the general absence record throughout the office.

This is ultimately much more beneficial for your business as you are less likely to put up with a loss in profits, seek out replacements or reorganise the structure of your office.

Avoiding Compensation Issues

Having an untidy office with any potential hazards or obstructions can lead to your employees injuring themselves.

Depending on the office environment in question, it’s quite possible for someone to suffer severe injury as a result of poor health and safety or cleaning schedules and they have every right to make a claim. The chances are you wouldn’t be able to afford paying out compensation.

Getting Specialists Onboard

If you leave the majority of your cleaning responsibilities with your employees, they may not be able to be as productive in their job. In order to prevent this, you should make use of specialist commercial cleaners with plenty of experience providing various cleaning services using specialist techniques.

This will almost guarantee a safe and secure environment for you employees to work in and stops them from having to worry about cleaning up at the end of the week.

Making a Good Impression

If you regularly invite clients into your offices, you should be making sure your environment is spotless all the time to make the best possible impression.

Clients who witness poor working conditions, unclean facilities and a plethora of hazards are much more likely to be put off working with you.

For specialist commercial curtain cleaning services in the South East, contact Apple Clean today and speak to a friendly member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

One school finishes and the holidays start, you’ll probably notice a lot more of your time is spent at home, which can work both ways when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy household.

Whilst there’s plenty more time to organise everything and keep rooms looking tidy, dust-free and presentable, there’s the issue of looking after every aspect of your home, from the bathrooms to the outdoors, especially as your entire family will be spending most of their time in or around the house.

To have your home fully prepared for what’s to come over the next couple of months, here are some useful tips that focus specifically on the common demands of the summer holidays.

Make The Most Of The Weather

Remember to make the most of what the summer weather has to offer. If you’re experiencing soaring temperatures, put some time aside to tidy up the garden, mow the lawn and potentially organise a space for activities and games should you have children in the house. It’s also a great time to clean the outside of your property, from the porch to the windows.


If you’ve got a conservatory or sliding doors that lead out to some decking, now’s the time to get these areas of your home in shape. Conservatories need to be de-cluttered as they can get particularly hot in the sunlight, whilst sliding doors can often be difficult to open due to a build-up of grease.


If you’re finding it hard to de-clutter your home, why not organise a small car-boot or garage sale outside your home? A lot more people will be out and about, so there’s no better time than the summer to try and advertise some of your unwanted belongings to the neighbours or tourists.


Summer is when files and other insects begin emerging from their winter slumber, so you can expect to see moths, butterflies, spiders and other creepy crawlies trying to invade your property. You can equip some insect repellent spray should the issue be getting out of hand, or carry out regular dusting to ensure there are no persistent spider webs.

Prepare For The Winter!

Finally, summer is a great time to think ahead for the end of the year when temperatures start falling again. You can get some excellent discounts on all the cleaning and maintenance products and services that you’ll usually require in the winter, such as boiler repairs.

Bedrooms tend to be a part of the property that we look to keep clean and tidy for the sake of our own wellbeing. We’ve all been given tips on how to clean our bedrooms in the past, especially as it means a lot more to us now than it did in our teenage years!

Cleaning a bedroom can be reasonably straightforward and it usually comes about as a result of shifting things around or relocating wardrobes, beds and shelving. Of course, there’s a difference between picking up all your loose clothes and actually cleaning your bedroom carpets, upholstery and curtains, so here’s a step-by-step guide to follow should you be keen on making your bedroom a cleaner, tidier and safer space to be in.bedroom-349698_640

1. Start by setting out the amount of time you actually have to complete each task, as this means you’ll get things done without distraction and without losing focus. You could possibly give yourself 2 minutes for each cleaning phase.

2. Now it’s time to get hold of all the supplies and products you’ll need to achieve a fresh, clean bedroom space. You’ll likely need a rubbish bag, some cleaning products, a dustpan and a broom.

3. Before acquiring your set of tools, pick up anything that’s lying around or getting in the way of your cleaning job. This could be anything that’s not in its associated place in the room or just something that needs throwing away.

4. Use your bed as a base for things you don’t need or don’t have somewhere to put. Your bed can be changed once cleaning is finished, so throwing everything that’s lying around on the bed will free up the more important areas of the room, such as the floor, the mantelpiece, the desk and so on.

5. Start vacuuming your carpet or alternatively mop your wooden or laminate flooring. You can move on to the next step after vacuuming but should probably leave your mopping solution to dry out for a few minutes if you were cleaning wooden floor.

6. With the floors tidy, you can start sorting out the things you’ve put on the bed. Find spaces for them or throw things out until there’s nothing left to sort.

7. With the bed empty and your belongings sorted, you can change your bed fabrics and dust any desks, tables, mantelpieces and shelves. Sweep up the dust or vacuum for a second time, regardless of the type of flooring you have.

That should be that! A clean bedroom contributes to a healthy sleep, especially if you’ve got dust, allergens and other underlying dirt present in your bedroom.

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