Why Should I Hire a Clean Trust Certified Firm?

The Clean Trust provides a means by which you can receive the highest quality of service from trained, knowledgeable, professional Technicians and is the leader in establishing the standards for professional carpet cleaning, fabric and upholstery cleaning.

Founded in 1972, it was originally the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, and was designed to establish a system of standards and practices for the industry, which up until that point had been largely unregulated. In 2011, the IICRC changed its name to the Clean Trust.

The Clean Trust provides the most advanced, education, training, certification, and continued educational opportunities in all areas of the carpet and upholstery industry.

What this means to you, our customer, is that we have met certain standards regarding training and business practices.

Our membership means that the Clean Trust recognises our ability and professionalism within our industry and reassures customers that we have spent a great deal of time, resources and finances to ensure our Technicians receive the best training and support.

Technicians who have achieved this qualification have been through extensive training courses and passed examinations in order to achieve their certification, which is widely recognised and respected as the ultimate standard within our industry.

As a member we maintain a continuing education program to ensure our Technicians are kept up to date with any changes within the industry.

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